Using a Content Management System to Manage Projects

Creating and operating a site can involve a lot of difficult and tedious tasks, especially if you are attempting to do it all without help. Having a group of employees that you can work with on a daily basis will help you improve the productivity of your online business. It is not often that an authoritative site is put together entirely by one person without some sort of help. The best sites are built through collaborations, when qualified professionals working in unison with each other, and each one has a specific duty in the overall operation. However, this type of project can’t be executed easily without a solid backend interface like a content management system.

Controlling Employee Access

If you have a group of qualified workers, you need a way to manage their access to your site, allowing each one to fulfill a certain role separately, without giving them more power than they need to complete their job. Giving the employees to much freedom with your site could present a security risk. Thus, you’ll need to make sure that your workers can only perform the tasks that you feel they should be able to do.

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With a competent CMS, you’ll be able to setup permissions on each account, assigning different tasks and capabilities to each of your employees. This means you can can let your web designer add templates, and writers can upload articles, but neither of them will be able to do anything other than what you set forth for them. Having these restrictions in place is very important to the security and continuity of your online business.

Let Your Workers Upload Content

Although it is wise to make sure your employees do not have too much access to the mission critical areas of your site, you also do not want to do any more work than you have to. Thus, it is best to give your workers the ability to upload the content that they create in real time. Simply uploading all of the content that your workers create can be a daunting, time-consuming task, especially if you’re not familiar with the various aspects of the content that your uploading. For example, a template designer would be much more efficient at setting up a template on your site than you would. By letting your team members upload the content they create, you could be saving several hours a day; time that could otherwise be spent handling more important tasks.

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Delegating Work Within the CMS

Keeping each employee busy with a constant workload is an important part of managing any project, as every man-hour needs to be occupied for maximum productivity.  It is not uncommon for delays to occur due to bad communication and gaps between cyberspace, that could be filled by a solid content management system. There are some content management systems that let administrators communicate with their team members through an integrated private messaging system. This kind of messaging system gives the webmaster complete control and immediate communication throughout the course of a project.

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