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Content Management with Geeklog

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Blog engines are being increasingly used as cheaper alternatives to high-end content management systems.  Aside from cost-efficiency, they also offer a simplicity that allows the most inexperienced user to excel.  Whether you are trying to promote a business or simply have an opinion, the use of a blog is one of the easiest ways to reach out to a large audience

When comes to this type of software, the variety is tremendous.  And while there are many to choose from, one of the most comprehensive of them all is an application known as Geeklog.

What is Geeklog?

More commonly referred to as a weblog publishing system, Geeklog is an fully functional content management system used to build and manage websites.  Per the GNU General Public License, it can be used, modified and distributed freely.  Though it has the ability to create traditional websites, Geeklog is most often used to build content-rich blog and online communities.  This software has exceptional functionality right out the box, but can be dramatically enhanced when incorporating the wide range of add-on modules it supports.  The power of Geeklog gives it more capabilities than most blog engines while the simplicity offers a user-friendliness the average CMS lacks.

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The Geeklog Advantage

The blog is all about interaction, a medium that allows you to connect with your audience and lets them communicate amongst each other as well.  With Geeklog, you can create a way for your audience to interact and also grant administrative privileges to multiple authors.  This is made possible by the ability to set permission levels for individual users, enabling you to determine just who is able to enjoy functions such as uploading files, publishing articles, editing content and adding more users to the site.

Geeklog is integrated with several interactive features to power your online community.  Some of the most notable include comment threads, mailing lists and shared image galleries.  The built-in calender gives administrators and users the ability to post information about upcoming events while the reader polls allow you to get a feel for what your audience is thinking.  There is also support for RSS feeds to keep readers abreast on the latest news along with the ability to integrate RSS headlines from other websites into your own page.  This array of features allows you to establish a close-knit community as small or big as you like.  Best of all, Geeklog delivers functionality where you thriving website virtually runs itself.

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Geeklog Extensions

The default features of Geeklog are great but this CMS gets even better when extending its capabilities.  Though naturally search engine friendly, Geeklog add-ons help you create more appealing URLs, easily incorporate advertising campaigns, social bookmarking tools and simplify the process of maintaining your content.  These add-ons are easy to install and require little to no programming skills.

If you want to create a dynamic blog or content-rich site, the Geeklog system makes a fine choice.  All you need is a web hosting provider who supports the software that has PHP and MySQL installed on their server.  In most cases, the software can be installed directly through your control panel in a few easy clicks.


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