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The Wonderful of Mambo

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If you are planning on creating a large, content-rich site, you just may need a CMS to make it a success.  One content management system that can take your website to a new level is an extensive software program called Mambo.  Perhaps you have heard of Mambo, maybe you haven’t.  One thing is for certain – you have definitely visited a website running on the Mambo platform.

Mambo – More than a dance

Mambo is a fully loaded CMS that allows you to create and administer powerful web-based applications and websites.  The software is very comprehensive and can be an invaluable development tool for beginners and veterans alike.  There are many things you can do with the Mambo CMS.  A recent survey conducted on the Mambo homepage revealed that its most common use is to create blogs and personal sites.  This is no surprise as blogs have exploded to become one of the fastest growing phenomenons on the web.  Other common uses include portals, online communities and e-commerce sites.

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One of Mambo’s greatest attributes is that it doesn’t require you to have any knowledge of HTML coding to build or manage your site.  This software provides a user-friendly interface, offering a simple point-and-click feature that makes it simple enough for the most inexperienced webmaster to comprehend.  Instead of freehand coding your pages, Mambo does it automatically.  All you have to do is configure and manage your content from the intuitive Administrative Panel.  Despite its simplicity, Mambo is very capable and loaded with useful features.  You can instantly change the appearance of your site with a number of built-in templates, manage databases and even implement polls and surveys.  With this powerful system, you site can be as simple or sophisticated as you wish.

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Another attribute to Mambo is the exceptional support that comes along with it.  This product is supported by a large group of developers who are constantly making upgrades to improve the software.  There is also an extensive community of users who offer self-help resources throughout the web.  Furthermore, if you are hosting your website with a provider that offers Mambo, they probably have a few articles or tutorials in their support section.

Due to is popularity, many web hosts now offer Mambo via control panel programs such as cPanel or Plesk.  Because its open-source software, you can also download this CMS from a number of popular download sites.  After downloading, all you have to do is make a few simple configurations and upload it to whatever server you have access to.  Keep in mind that your site must have the PHP language enabled and access to a MySQL database.  With a program such as Fantastico, installing Mambo is as easy as creating a directory, login credentials and clicking the installation tab.

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As an open-source CMS, you have the freedom to use Mambo however you desire.  This means that you have access to the code and can apply modifications that suite your site best.  With this type of flexibility, there is virtually no limit to the success you can achieve on the web.


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