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Web Mapping through HillTop Content Management System

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Website content management system (CMS) HillTop recently announced the ability to share information with constituents utilizing a geographic context. HillTop CMS is currently used by over 50 congressional offices. GSL Solutions has combined Esri’s geographic information system (GIS) with the HillTop software to produce web mapping capabilities.

Viewing and Interactive Map

States across the nation should be able to utilize the best available resources to understand exactly how specific pieces of legislation from Washington, DC affect their lives. The software can produce an interactive map on governmental websites to indicate the work being conducted and way to become involved in community efforts.

Showing Areas of Interest

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Many legislative representatives are also using the software to post maps depicting various types of project spending efforts, news coverage, suites of interest for visitors and community meeting details. This mapping functionality is built directly into HillTop’s platform allowing for the content to be easily entered with an interactive geographic format.

The Future of Geographic Software

GSL Solutions is planning to create a working group to guide future geographic software applications in the HillTop system including national maps displaying important issues of interest which would allow legislators to include the viewpoint from the state government that citizens would be able to track from the website.

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The platform has the potential of being a communication vehicle between Senate officials and other agencies which could collaborate to enhance the resources available to citizens. For example, national parks have numerous stakeholders but are managed by two separate entities of the government. Therefore, by sharing pertinent data and displaying it on a map, the public will be more informed.

The Programming

GSL Solutions used Esri’s ArcGIS API for JavaScript to add to HillTop due to the ability of enabling basic web mapping for customers. This allows for support of powerful geographic applications in the future. Additionally, Esri web maps feature customization abilities and an interactive interface without displaying advertisements.

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About Each Company

Esri is the industry-leader in GIS technology being that it is used in 300,000 organizations across the globe. Most national governments, more than 7,000 colleges and universities and two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies use the software. GSL Solutions simplifies web use by implementing cutting-edge technologies and value-added services.

This software has proven to be a major convenience for the legislators that are using it. In the future, each company will continue to improve various functions of the software to make it more accurate and reliable to those government officials that use it.


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