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Top 10 Features of Facebook

Facebook is a well-liked social networking web site that connects millions of users from all over the world who share one common interest, staying in touch with family, friends, and associates. The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, started the social networking website for college students to stay in touch with one another. The website, which […]

Facebook vs. MySpace – The Battle for Supremacy

In a world where social networking websites have become increasingly popular, it can be hard for you to determine which social networking platform is best for you. The truth is Facebook and MySpace are in constant competition with one another. As of right now, Facebook takes the lead with the number one spot on the […]

Top 5 Social Networking Platforms

The world has definitely changed within the last 10 years. Before, communication was challenging and time consuming. To connect with others, there was a simple phone call or perhaps a trip. Now, individuals can come “face-to-face” with their friends and relatives through web cam, Skype and Yahoo Messenger. The process of communicating is virtually easy […]

Life Blogging and the Web 2.0

In today’s connected world, words like “blog,” “LiveJournal” and “Twitter” bombard us. They are featured prominently in the news.  Co-workers, family members and friends are eager to give each other their blog address as a way of keeping up with what is going on with them in their daily lives.  Even social networking sites like […]

How to Start Your Own Social Networking Site – And Keep it Up

If it exists on the internet, chances are someone has made it easier for you to do the same thing yourself.  Social networking is increasingly included in this rule.  As it becomes a world onto itself, it’s becoming easier for individual users to create their own islands within it. If you’re tired of FaceBook, Twitter, […]

Competition in Social Networking: The Rise of Google+ and the Status of FaceBook

It’s been seen all over the tech world news, people are increasingly displeased with FaceBook and their questionable privacy practices  as well as their increasing addition of new features without even a previous statement giving the user the opportunity to choose if they wish to implement them at this time. It has also been a […]

E-commerce and Social Media: No Longer Oil and Water

Once upon a time, there was a hard and loudly enforced social rule on the internet: there were places to hang out and places to shop, and never the twain should meet.  Anyone who dared break this rule suffered the wrath of the collective cyberworld, and the results weren’t always pretty. This rule was strongly […]

Google Docs Improving Social Commenting

Google recently released an enhancement for their Docs feature called “Discussions” in addition to the announcement of a new not-for-profit program. Discussions is an enterprise collaboration extending the comments feature within Google Docs. This enhancement combines the following important features: Structured discussions Time stamping Profile pictures @ mentions Unified stream discussion Email alerts If the […]

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