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The Value of Content Management Systems and Site Design

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Having a website that is easy on the eyes, and appears to be deigned by a professional is very important in the eCommerce business, especially when you’re trying to be successful in a difficult niche. The internet industry is driven by appearance, as the first thing a person judges when they come to your site is the visual appearance of the site. The best way to boost your sales and bring in repeat traffic is to give your site visitors something good to look at.

Unfortunately, many people are not proficient in web design, and do not have the money to pay for a competent web designer. Luckily there are content management systems like Joomla and WordPress that simplify the task of creating and developing a professional website.

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Starting with a Template

The best way to easily transform your site into a professional and lucrative online business is to simply upload a theme or template. Themes are essentially site-wide designs that are instantly applied when uploaded to the user interface. Uploading a theme is very simple, even for those that have no experience with web design. There are thousands of themes available online at any given time and you can even have custom themes made for you.

In addition, there are many freelancing websites that provide access to a plethora of professional web developers. You can hire web designers inexpensively and have a professional and customized template created.

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Choosing a Customizable Theme

Instead of hiring a web developer to help you with the creation of your site, you can simply choose a theme that is customizable. These themes have a user interface that will let you customize various aspects of your site with ease. You can also adjust the font, color, dimensions and other aspects of the site that would otherwise need to be changed by a WordPress professional. Alternatively you could learn some simple CSS styling, and edit your theme’s CSS sheet to change the appearance of your site’s pages.

Creating Your Own Theme

In the past you had to posses coding and web development skills to create your own site them, however now there are software available that let you create quality themes in drag and drop interfaces, such as Dreamweaver and Artisteer. The latter of the two – Artisteer, will actually convert your entire site into a ready-to-upload theme that can be used with ease. Using Artisteer is as simple as using the Microsoft Paint interface, and there is even a button within the software that will let you create a random theme instantly! Once this random theme is generated you can customize as you’d like, using the buttons and options at the top of the user interface. After you have created your custom theme, you can then edit it later on when you feel the need to do so.


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