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Premium Domain Names: What Are They?

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In a world where almost all commodities have a premium segment to cater to the elite class, domain names are not going to be left behind at any cost. This article intends to introduce you to the whole concept of premium domain names and provide you with some interesting facts that drive the idea home.

Premium domain names are actually aftermarket entrants that satisfy a further set of characteristics. Simply put, these are the domain names that are up for grabs in the domain market, and have some history behind them. When a domain name owner fails to renew his/her domain subscription, the domain enters the aftermarket. Also, a domain name put to sale deliberately by the initial owner makes for an aftermarket domain name. And just in case these aftermarket domain names happen to have some additional features that attract the attention of the prospective buyers, these too qualify as premium domain names.

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What Features Are We Talking About?

  • The name sticks. If you crave for a domain name because the name registers on the mind of the viewer or the listener, it might well be a premium domain name. These names are easily memorized and hence, there are greater chances that these would attract visits.
  • The name explains. Let us take an example here. Assuming you have a website that advertises cruise packages to the Caribbean islands, and does so by reviewing the islands and beaches. How would you like to have a domain name such as Sounds good, right? Some people anticipate the need of names such as these and register them before this need actually arrives. And when the golden moment arrives, they take bids on these premium domain names and sell them to the highest bidder.
  • The name is short, sweet, crisp and made of high density keywords. This resembles the perfect feature set for your website’s name, and you get such names at a premium. Also, premium domain names are most often top level domains, i.e. they are succeeded by extensions such as .com, .org, .net etc.
  • The name is old, and is fully loaded with traffic. Domain names with established presence on the Internet supplemented by substantial traffic make for premium domain names any day of the week. And you can be very sure that buying it would not be easy if the search engine rank also scores high.
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If you are owning number of websites you should consider selecting the host company with multiple domain hosting option and keep your websites on the same account.


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  • Avatar says:

    I completely agree with you. Premium generic domain names are commodities that continue to rise in value. In the coming years these domain names will have increased in value tenfold.

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