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Should You Consider a Premium Domain?

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Times are certainly tough these days.  Because every dollar counts, it is vital to get significant value on every penny you spend.  Although the economic situation has left most consumers with tighter budgets, there may be a few investments that warrant a top dollar price.  This article will introduce you to one of them, the premium domain name.

What are Premium Domain Names?

Often referred to as simple domain names, premium domains are basically those that were once registered and now available on the market again.  While ambitious internet entrepreneurs snatched up names like and long ago, these domain owners are now willing to let them go for the right price.  Premium domains typically sale for anywhere between hundreds and thousands of dollars but some of them have gone for millions.

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Sure, you probably don’t want to roll out a 7-figure budget for a domain name, but here are a few reasons why you may want to consider spending more than usual.

Instant Branding – When using a premium domain, you are instantly branding your online presence.  Your domain name will likely be easy to remember and cause visitors to immediately associate it with your business.  If you’re lucky enough to snatch up, it won’t take potential customers too long to grasp the nature of your business.

Increased Search Engine Visibility – Search engine algorithms consider the relevance of your domain to the content on your website.  This in turn, makes it easier to associate your domain name with your particular product or service, giving you the ability to increase your visibility through the search engines.

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Increased Traffic – Although most web surfers rely on search engines, others simply type keywords directly into their browser address bar.  If someone types in “baseball”, there is a great chance that your baseball related URL will come up and direct them right to your site.  Direct traffic is one of the biggest advantages to having a premium domain name.

You don’t have to be a large corporation to secure a premium domain name.  To figure out the budget you need to set aside, visit and find out if there are any available domain names relevant to your business.  You may also want to consult an internet marketing expert to better determine if a premium domain name can really give you a worthwhile return on your investment.  A professional can also help you get your hands on special search tools that will reveal what domains serve the most benefits.

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Think About It

On the surface, buying a premium domain name seems like a huge investment and possibly one you can do without.  However, it can also increase visibility and play a major role in the success of your online business.  Though it will be more expensive than the standard rate of $9.99, it will help you save on marketing, enhance your search engine rankings and help potential customers better identify your business.  Who knows?  This is one substantial investment that could be worth your while.


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