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Choosing a Keyword-rich Domain for Your PPC Campaign

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A domain name can provide a plethora of benefits. First, it gives your potential audience a glimpse of what your site is about and in theory, makes it easier for them to find you online. It can really be advantageous from an SEO aspect for someone who is trying to leverage traffic from the search engines. When it comes to a Pay Per Click marketing campaign, the importance of a keyword-rich domain becomes clearer with each day.

Why is it so Important?

Marketing products and services through Pay Per Click campaigns has proven to be effective but these days, almost everyone is doing it. Because of this, it is important to implement any method you can to lower your cost per click. One if the best ways to lower your cost per click and increase your click through rate is to enhance your visibility on elite search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. All throughout the web, successful PPC advocates are raving about the importance of registering a keyword-rich domain name to improve marketing efforts.

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A keyword-rich domain name can be a very effective weapon in your SEO arsenal when it focuses on the three critical areas of a PPC campaign: the headline, the ad text and the clickable URL. Keeping this in mind, here are some factors to consider when choosing a domain name to aid in your Pay Per Click marketing scheme:

.com TLDs are the Best

Whether it is for a PPC campaign or other endeavors, you want to register your domain with a .com extension if at all possible. It just tends to resonate better with internet users and also makes you look a bit more established. On the other hand, extensions such as .net and .biz have been doing well as of late with PPC campaigns so these would definitely be your best alternatives. In the end, choosing a good domain name with relevant keywords is more important than the extension you decide on.

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Get Innovative With Your Name

With keyword-rich domains becoming more scarce, you might need to get a little more creative when registering a name. Something as simple as adding a hyphen in between your keywords could get you that much closer to your ideal domain name. Although some don’t recommend it, this proves to have little to no negative impact on a PPC campaign.

Capitalize Your PPC Keywords

After settling on a good domain name, you need to optimize your ads in a manner that makes them more attractive in the eyes of the search engines. When it comes to PPC campaigns, can be far more effective than Check the statistics and you will likely see that you get more clicks by doing this. Though it seems quite simple, the difference can end up being more than a 300% difference in your click throughs. In the end, it can raise your PPC quality score and lower your cost per click as well.

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Registering a keyword-rich domain is only practical for a PPC campaign. When coupling the tricks in this article with a few others, you should notice results in a very short time. In the highly competitive world of online marketing, one must take advantage of all they possible can.


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