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Making Your Own Custom Joomla CMS Theme

Content management systems have become so much more than they were originally intended to be. In  the beginning these content management systems were only designed to help webmasters upload and…

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A Closer Look at PHPCow

PHPCow is one of the many open-source content management systems powered by the widely used PHP language. This particular CMS is geared more towards users who want to create online…

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The Importance of SEO Article Writing

The web is littered with articles that are not worth the word processor they were written on.  After a second glance, you will notice that they are horribly composed and…

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Amaxus CMS Gets a Serious Upgrade

The Amaxus content management tool has been on the CMS market since 2001.  However, isn’t wasn’t until September, 2009 that the product was properly introduced to the web.  The platform…

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Introducing the IntelBuilder CMS

Content management tools can do a lot these days, but few are able to match up to the exceptional default capabilities of IntelBuilder.  This software acts as a CMS and…

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Google Launches Homepage Enhancements

Search engine giant Google, recently launched a new set of tools and gadgets designed to help all iGoogle users in the United States leverage the OpenSocial API platform for social…