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Amaxus CMS Gets a Serious Upgrade

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The Amaxus content management tool has been on the CMS market since 2001.  However, isn’t wasn’t until September, 2009 that the product was properly introduced to the web.  The platform has improved considerably with the release of Amaxus 4.0 and this version could be exactly what BoxUK needs to makes its web CMS a true competitor on the market.

Noteworthy Improvements and Features

Amaxus officially got its start about eight years ago and actually utilized an early version of the popular development technology now known as AJAX.  Since the initial release, the platform has undergone major changes through four version releases, each attempting to keep up with the rapidly evolving web technology and fast changing times.  Amaxus 4.0 currently focus on six main factors:

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1. Streamlined User Interface – Amaxus has been designed from the ground up, focusing on usability to help the user get tasks done in a much easier way.

2. Universal Search Capabilities – Locating content and information on an Amaxus site is made simple by a built-in search system that performs much like a traditional web search engine.

3. Content Support – Axamus is capable of handling all types of content.   A content and classification module gives the CMS the ability to intelligently publish and manage content types that range from simple text and documents to rich media and databases.

4. Workflow and Versioning – Axamus offers all the administrative features you would expect from an enterprise CMS.  This includes content versioning and rollback, advanced workflow, a role-based permission system and more.

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5. Control – With Axamus, you can manage far more than basic content.  You can also control functionality, site design and various other elements all through an intuitive graphical user interface.

6. Enhanced Search Engine Rankings – Amaxus offers a number of integrated features designed to help improve search engine rankings.  This includes an SEO checking tools customizable URLs and standards compliant page output.

Social Networking Capabilities

The Amaxus CMS puts a lot of emphasis on social networking and content distribution.  It also has several features to help you distribute your content to other sites.  Some of the most notable include the ability to publish an unlimited number of RSS feeds, automatically publish your content in the form of Tweets, and a REST API that allows you to publish content on popular social networking sites such as FaceBook and YouTube, as well as another tool that allows visitors to promote your content on social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon.

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You can learn more about the Amaxus CMS by visiting the official website.  The site is easy to navigate and offers a tour on how the product can be used to power your own website.  It explains the features and benefits and also talks about the technology behind the platform and the advantages of its open-source nature.  In addition, the website offers a Showcase and Resources page that contains case studies and screen casts of the product for users who need a little more convincing.


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