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Simple Tips for Effective Search Engine Optimization

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Obtaining a high search engine ranking is on the top of most webmasters’ priority list, however this task can be a daunting one, especially without the proper education. Proper search engine optimization requires much more than simple keyword density and good content. The following tips will help you obtain a high search engine ranking, and more importantly, keep it.

Visitors Before Crawlers

Most people become so engrossed with trying to please the search engine crawlers that they forget their primary focus is to build a large visitor base. Many webmasters do not realize that one of the factors search engines consider is viewer satisfaction. Every time a visitor accesses your site through a search engine, the search engine records how long each visitor stays at your site. If the visitors stay for a longer period of time, then your site is viewed as being more useful and therefore the rank rises. The best way to build a reputable site is to provide useful and engaging content, and to update the site daily with new information. Another way to promote a healthy visitor base is by providing simple site navigation.

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Use Keywords Liberally

Keywords are probably the single most influential factor of search engine optimization. A single properly placed keyword can cause your sit ranking to boost by hundreds of page ranks.  However, using keywords does not mean simply using them in the content. In order for keywords to be used most effectively, you’ll want to use them within the actual design of your website. A good example would be using keywords in meta tags and title tags, or on the title of the main web page. Make sure each page on your site has a title that is relevant to the keyword you are targeting for that page.

Quality Content Over Quantity

Good content is what will ultimately will keep your visitors returning. However having a site full of useless content is not going to do you any good. Although search engines index your site based on the content you provide, it is important to note that the content has to be worded properly, and grammatical errors are taken in to context when the search engines index your site. A good way to make your site rank high is by keeping your readers engaged for longer periods of time by using what is called “sticky content.” Sticky content is content that engages the reader for long periods of time. If your site is littered with erroneous articles that are simply not interesting, it doesn’t matter how many articles you have, the users are not going to be interested in them. Focusing too much on keyword density can cause your content to appear “spammish”, which will be detrimental to both your search engine ranking and your visitor base.

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Link Exchanging and Backlinks

One of the ways the search engines judge the popularity of your website is via backlinks. Backlinks are links on other websites that contain the URL of one of your site’s web pages. The more sites that have your link featured, the more popular your site appears to be. Backlinks are an excellent way to boost search engine ranking quickly. The best way to get a large number of backlinks is by link exchanging. Contact other webmasters by using the “contact us” section of their site, and let them know that you will feature their link on your site if they will do the same for you. It is important to get quality backlinks however, by having your link featured on sites that are authoritative in your niche.


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