Top 9 Ways to Optimize Your WordPress Server for Blazing Fast Speeds

When it comes to content management and coding efficiency, WordPress tends to be one bad mother. Where other content management systems might chug and chortle, WordPress tends to serve up your content with a markedly improved efficiency that makes the folks over at Drupal shiver in their boots. However, just because WordPress is built from […]

Design A Profitable Website

Most people, when creating a website, have one thing in mind and that is, how to make their website profitable. The truth is, the design of your website has everything to do with how profitable it will become. There are many steps to designing a profitable website and most of these steps can be easily […]

Three Ways to Efficiently Market a Web Hosting Business

Reselling web hosting services can be a difficult task, especially for an inexperienced webmaster that has never successfully built a hosting business. However, by creating appealing and unique hosting plans with reasonable profit margins, promoting to targeted audiences, and proactively marketing your services through a variety of avenues, it is possible to establish a significant […]

Following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0


The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 provides numerous parameters related to scripting. Unfortunately there are currently no tools that assist with the testing of how well a script adheres to these guidelines. However, there is one program currently in development that may overcome this issue: Snork. The minimum requirements for using this software include Windows […]

Why a CMS is Essential for Doing Online Business in the 21st Century

Whatever your market niche, a content management system, more commonly referred to as a CMS, is an essential tool for your online business.  While there are seemingly infinite choices when it comes to selecting a CMS, each offers the ability to simplify the task of managing the daily operations surrounding your website.  The top five […]

The Basics of Starting a Blog

In order to host your first blog, you must plan thoroughly as there are so many different options available. Some bloggers host their own site, while others host from their computer. The latter method saves money and allows for complete customization and control. Despite these few advantages, web hosting has become inexpensive so it’s best […]

Search Engine Optimization – Link Building the Fast Way

Link building is undoubtedly one of the central aspects of search engine optimization, if not thew single most important aspect. The process of link building is defined as generating backlinks for your site through various methods including social bookmarking, web 2.0 blogs, and providing quality content that is worthy of being linked to. There is […]