Three Ways to Efficiently Market a Web Hosting Business

Reselling web hosting services can be a difficult task, especially for an inexperienced webmaster that has never successfully built a hosting business. However, by creating appealing and unique hosting plans with reasonable profit margins, promoting to targeted audiences, and proactively marketing your services through a variety of avenues, it is possible to establish a significant client base rather quickly. Unfortunately, most resellers are only able to generate a small amount of income each month, as they are unable to find a large amount of clients that are willing to trust their hosting services. If you’ve been experiencing similar problems, then you may want to consider the following three ways to efficiently market a web hosting business.

Creating a Blog with Quality Content

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It is well known fact that the best way to generate consistent web traffic on a residual basis is to utilize the immense power of the search engines. To do this you’ll need to populate your web hosting site with quality content related to various hosting topics. By building a blog within your hosting site you’ll not only attract search engine traffic based on keywords embedded within your blogs articles, you’ll also provide useful information to your visitors and thereby establish trust and professionalism more effectively. In fact, if your blog posts are informative enough other webmasters and web surfers will link to your site on their blogs, and will link their friends to your pages when they are in need of information. To maximize your traffic generating efforts it is important to ensure proper keyword density and usage within each blog post.

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Newsletters and Press Releases

Another way to proactively market your hosting services and expand your web presence is to publish high-quality press releases on popular websites. A press release is simply a news story that professionally describes the products and services offered by your hosting company. This ultimately improve search engine optimization efforts and generates a significant amount of traffic originating from the sites that the press releases are posted on. After soliciting a client base and collecting a large number of e-mail addresses it would be beneficial to market additional services to your pre-existing and former clients, as you can be sure that this is a targeted audience that will bring high conversion rates.

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Purchasing Banner Space

Another great way to attract prospective customers and expand your market outreach is to purchase banner space on established web hosting review sites, and the websites of other hosting providers. These sites are frequently visited by people that are most likely interested in purchasing hosting services on an ongoing basis. By marketing to a targeted audience through custom designed banners on websites that have significant traffic levels you can begin seeing significant results within just a couple of weeks.

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