SEO and Backlinks – Quick and Easy vs. Slow and Calculated

Properly building an online empire seems nearly impossible to most people, especially if you are trying to do it all over night. There are so many factors that contribute to the success of a site in the search engine rankings, and it can be very difficult to pinpoint which strategies work, and which methods are  a complete waste of time. If you have been researching web hosting and search engine optimization, then I am sure you are familiar with the importance of unique IP addresses in relation to backlink building.

Backlinks that originate from the same hosting IP address will not be credited by search engines like Google, thus SEO web hosting has been created to give webmasters access to several class C IP addresses for their domains. However, simply having access to plenty of IP addresses and multiple domains is not going to let you build a massive empire of links that point back to your main site.

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Two Schools of Thought

There are two different schools of thought in regards to link building. One side believes that it is possible to establish many backlinks in a short period of time, while still achieving positive results in the search engine results pages. On the other hand, many believe that quick backlink building does nothing more than place your site in the sandbox, thus causing it’s ranking to plummet for months at a time. The sandbox is a term used by many webmasters to describe the process of being completely removed from the search engine rankings – a process which can occur for a variety of reasons. So which way really works, quick and easy, or slow and calculated?

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Quick and Easy

Most people that employ the quick and easy method of building links do so by using automated linkbuilding software. This software spreads links across the web at a phenomenal rate, giving the site a huge amount of backlinks virtually overnight. The main problem with the quick and easy method, is that the links are not being hosted on authoritative sites within the target niche. In fact, in many cases the links are being scattered mindlessly onto sites that have already been spammed, and have a low PR. Although it is possible to gain a substantial amount of proper backlinks in a short amount of time, doing so usually involves some sort of hard work. Since may automated linkbuilding tools run on your web server, there is a distinct possibility of your web hosting account being banned for link spamming.

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Slow and Calculated

The slow and calculated method of building links usually involves populating your site with useful content that people will naturally link to. Content that provides value to your readers will easily gain backlinks over time, and in some cases a good piece of content that is related to a trending topic can generate a lot of backlinks in very little time. A site that is updated regularly with good content will have a much better chance of adding wealth to the internet, thus gradually assuming a higher position in the search engine rankings.

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  • Frederik

    After the Panda Update I find that automated backlinking software is way too risky…

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