Geek Ethicist: YUCK! Maybe Not

Geek Ethicist

“Dear Ethicist– A couple of months ago I was sitting in a waiting room, flipping through magazines when I found an article that said smartphones (and tablets!) have more germs on them than your average toilet: Here! Here!  Here! and Here! Of course, the very next day my co-worker wanted to show me some pictures […]

Top 5 Smartphones 2011 in the United States

Top Smart Phones

Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular in the United States and in areas all over the world. The vast majority of the general public own at least one smartphone. Why is that? Smartphones live up to their name and do just about everything you can think of. From high-speed Internet browsing, high quality pictures, a wide […]

A Preview of the AT&T Fab Phone Five


The number of competitors entering the phone market is increasing with breathtaking speed.  Making it clear that they have no intention of just letting the iPhone monopolize the market, AT&T this week revealed that it will be selling no less than 5 new Android phones.  We give you here a brief review of each of […]

iPhone 4S – Playing to a Tough Crowd


It’s hard not to look at the iPhone 4S through the lens of Jobs’ recent death.  It was released the day before he left us, and is the latest version of one of Apple’s most revolutionary products under his helm. Whatever type of analysis we want to make about how he might have felt about […]