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Apple iPhone 4S vs. Blackberry 9900

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The Apple iPhone 4S and the Blackberry Bold 9900 are currently in competition with one another. Some people argue that the iPhone is better while other people argue that the Blackberry 9900 is better. Each individual has their own specific preference when it comes to these phones. Both of these phones have a lot to offer the average users. From different apps and features, it can be hard to choose which of these phones is the better option. The Apple iPhone 4S is considered to be the best phone that Apple has come out with while the Blackberry 9900 is facing the same reputation as well. The best way to decide which of these phones is better out of the two is to determine what types of features each product offers along with the price of the product. Below are just some of the features that come along with the Apple iPhone 4S.

Apple iPhone 4S Features


The 8 megapixel resolution camera is perfect for people who want to take high resolution pictures with their phone. You will never have to worry about whipping out your camera, turning it on, and then taking a picture. As long as you have your Apple iPhone 4S at your fingertips, you can easily take pictures in a matter of moments and the pictures will look as if they were taken with a high quality camera. The camera on this phone also comes equipped with flash and face detection to ensure the pictures come out perfectly.

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Advanced voice commands, better known as Siri, will allow you to work your phone with your voice instead of your hands. This is especially convenient for people who prefer to use their voice instead of having to use their hands to find numbers, apps, and certain information in their iPhone. Not only can you make phone calls with your voice, you can even send text messages and create meetings and special events on your calendar. This is definitely a great feature to have, especially for someone who is particularly busy.

Video chat will enable you to keep in touch with friends on your phone while still being able to see them! Even if the person on the other end of the phone is a million miles away, with the Apple iPhone 4S phone, you will be able to video chat with that person. This allows you to have personal conversations with people who you love and care about. It is quite an amazing feature that most people seem to love being able to use.

The abundance of apps that are provided on the iPhone is amazing. You can shop for tons of apps that will allow you to play games, listen to music, find out important information, and basically stay in touch and up to date on everything you care about. Having access to thousands of apps is something that iPhone users absolutely love and rave about.

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Last but certainly not least, the Apple iPhone 4S offers longer battery life which is definitely a great feature to have especially for people who constantly use their phone for just about everything. Using your iPhone for e-mail, texting, talking, and apps can waste battery quickly but with this extended battery life, you will have several more hours of chatting, texting, listening to music, and Internet browsing than you would have with the traditional Apple iPhone.

Blackberry Bold 9900 Features


The Blackberry Bold 9900 allows its users to choose from the touch screen or QWERTY. This is perfect for people who may not enjoy touch screens or would prefer to go back and forth with using the touch screen and the QWERTY. This phone gives you the opportunity to choose what you would rather choose and what is easiest for you to use at the moment.

Fast performance and fast Internet browsing is essential for people who enjoy using their phone for browsing the web. No one wants to browse an Internet if their phone runs slow and takes forever to load web pages. With fast Internet browsing, you will never have to wait for long loading times or anything else that would waste your time.

The Blackberry Bold 9900 comes equipped with 8GB memory. Of course, if you need more memory, you can buy a memory card. However, this is a lot of memory to start off with which is perfect for people who take lots of pictures with their phone along with adding music and videos that will take up memory on the phone.

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This Blackberry is thinner than any other Blackberry that has ever been made. It is thin and compact which is perfect for people who do not like carrying around a large phone. There are also tons of apps that you will be able to choose from with this phone which includes social networking apps and games as well.


Choosing just one of these two phones can be a difficult decision. Both of these phones have a lot to offer the average user and are in constant competition with one another to be the best and provide the best for its users. Both phones offer easy Internet browsing, tons of apps, and lots of other neat features that consumers seem to love. Overall, it will depend on your personal preference as to which phone will suit you better. Some people are, in general, fans of Apple products and may choose to stick with the Apple iPhone 4S. In the same sense, there are some people who are fans of Blackberry products and will stick with the Blackberry Bold 9900. Whichever choice you make, both of these phones have a lot to offer and you will surely be happy with the decision you choose to make.


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