Why They Killed Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz

This will be the question of our decade. Swartz’s father claims the government killed him. Many journalists assert Swartz’s brain chemistry and circumstances killed him… Baloney. Certainly his depression, added to the pressure of a high-profile lawsuit, created the perfect mix of pressure that Swartz needed to kill himself, but don’t delude yourself that it […]

SOPA: A Reflection of a Mighty Battle

We wrote previously about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).  We try not to repeat topics, but the developments surrounding this bill have been strong and fascinating enough that a larger-view perspective of the issue is in order. First, let’s do a roundup.  When we wrote about it last, there was opposition so scant to […]

SOPA – The IP Hammer Has Swung

The rise of the Internet as an intractable piece of the global social engine has brought with it a number of large scale societal problems.  One of the ones that has resisted a common ground solution the hardest is that of how to protect intellectual property in the information age. Piracy of information has been […]