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Summer Web Hosting Coupons

As a global provider of quality shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated servers, Host Color recently announced several new discount codes for money off of web hosting packages. The coupons apply…

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Five Reasons to Choose VPS

Virtual private servers (VPS), or virtual dedicated servers, offer users many advantages when compared to other web hosting platforms when launching and maintaining a functional website.  The benefits of a…

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When to Use Cheap VPS Hosting Plans

VPS (virtual private server) hosting plans are unique because, while they are similar to shared hosting plans in that they split a web server amongst many webmasters, instead of splitting…

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Vdeck – Robust Features, Simplified Functionality

A powerful control panel should facilitate the completion of complex Web hosting tasks within a simplified user interface. Vdeck does this successfully while also providing a robust feature set that…

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A Guide to Virtual Private Web Servers

VPS, or virtual private web servers, is a term used by most hosting companies to refer to a virtual machine. This virtual machine acts like a dedicated server, in the…