Five Reasons to Choose VPS

Virtual private servers (VPS), or virtual dedicated servers, offer users many advantages when compared to other web hosting platforms when launching and maintaining a functional website.  The benefits of a private hosting environment offer website owners a wealth of benefits such as enhanced security, reliable hosting resources and increased flexibility.

Vdeck – Robust Features, Simplified Functionality

A powerful control panel should facilitate the completion of complex Web hosting tasks within a simplified user interface. Vdeck does this successfully while also providing a robust feature set that is unmatched by equivalent competitors. This control panel is perhaps one of the most versatile on the market, having compatibility with virtual private servers, shared […]

Shared Hosting vs. VPS

Depending on your need, there are many different types of web hosting plans available for various business and personal requirements, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The least expensive option is always the most popular; however, shared hosting may not be suitable for all businesses especially high traffic websites. Therefore, most large websites employ […]

Is Cloud VPS Hosting Right for Novice Webmasters?

Cloud VPS hosting is one of the newest hosting types available on the market today, and has recently gained a lot of attention as a suitable alternative to dedicated hosting for serious business owners. The cloud hosting environment operates based on a unique technological concept that links a network of web servers together to create  […]