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The Benefits of Country-Specific Domains

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When going to register a domain name, you probably look for something with a .com TLD or decide to settle on .net if your first choice is not available.  This is very understandable being that both of them add more professionalism and credibility to your web presence.  While neither of these extensions make a bad choice, there are several reasons why you may want to consider registering a country-specific domain instead.

SEO Benefits

There are many cases when the major search engines will provide higher search engine rankings for web pages that have country-specific TLDs.  For example, if an internet user from Canada is searching for software consulting services in that specific country, the site at may rank higher than another website with a .com extension selling the same product.  This type of domain can also help increase your visibility through directories commonly referenced by local web surfers.  Directories make a great way to enhance search engine rankings and build qualities links that lead to more traffic to your website.

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Boost Customer Confidence

Having a country-specific domain can help increase confidence in customers as many of them feel more comfortable purchasing from local merchants.  For them, it makes it much easier to track their sales and follow up with any questions or concerns regarding the product.  Even though business is conducted across international borders everyday, some customers would just like to know that they are dealing with someone residing in the same country rather than one operating in a foreign locality.

Better Identify Your Audience

Another benefit to country-specific domain names is that you are better to identify where your customers are actually located.  This makes things more convenient for both you and the customer.  You can easily display products and services targeted at shoppers in that particular region and customers do not have to worry about choosing the geographic area they are located in.  Again, this gives your site that local feel and instills the confidence the customer needs to feel safer doing business with you.

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Maximize Your Potential

When factoring in their distinct advantages, you may want to consider registering both a country-specific TLD and a traditional extension such as .com or .net.  This is a simple but strategic move that makes your business appealing to both international and national audiences.  You should never overlook the potential sales and business that can be reaped from a domain name and all it takes is another small investment for an additional name that could result in huge benefits.


There are many domain name extensions available and the ICANN seems to be adding new ones on a regular basis.  The country-specific variation represents a very broad category and as you can see, offers a wealth of benefits.  While you have a vast selection to choose from, you should always keep yourself open to such an excellent opportunity that could help you attract other markets and extend your reach online.


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    thank you for the great post. i had an issue with this topic.Also would like to know if having the country specific domain affects the loading time for your website if using a local server.cheers.

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