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The Newest Way to build eCommerce Solutions

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With so much competition in the web hosting industry, there has to be differentiation between providers to attract new customers. Among eCommerce web hosts, offering the ability to design and implement a fully-featured selling website from scratch is a major selling point. These website builders give even an untrained technical user the resources he needs to develop and publish an interesting, functional website for selling products and services.

Avoiding the Messy, Technical Details

Therefore, selecting an eCommerce web hosting provider means clients do not need to worry about any of the messy, technical details of web hosting, the software and the equipment. At the same time, many eCommerce hosting providers offer monthly plans with preset bandwidth limitations and storage limits. To obtain scalability with affordability, most users are moving to a cloud-computing environment.

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An Overview of VirtoSoftware

One recently launched piece of software that is easy for a beginner to use but provides a wealth of features is VirtoSoftware. Their newest product titled, “VirtoCommerce,” is a fully hosted eCommerce solution that was developed to take advantage of the Azure Cloud. The program is available for Software as a Service (SaaS) to be fully integrated with the latest utilities including, MVC3, .NET 4.0, WCF, WPF, WWF and Unity. Those familiar with these initials know the importance of integration.

Achieving the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status

Also, the product has such a close affiliation with Microsoft that it has earned them “Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status for ISV Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Innovations like the VirtoCommerce online website builder continue to keep the eCommerce hosting industry competition and lead it into the next generation of online technology.

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Creating eCommerce Website Solutions

With the new software, users will be able to create their own online eCommerce solution in addition to an entire website that is around their products utilizing the diverse capabilities presented by VirtoCommerce. Although in the final stage of development, a free demo is available on their website. Once additional eCommerce hosting providers take to the cloud, expect to hear more about this and many similar products.

VirtoCommerce looks as if it will revolutionize the world of eCommerce for veterans and novices. With its advanced technology and most importantly, ease of use and navigation, VirtoCommerce is sure to assist thousands of clients with creating their own digital stores chalk full of advanced features.


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