The Ultimate Control Panel Software – Supreme Control Panel

Supreme Control Panel is utilized by many web hosting providers for the mere fact that the software has been developed for both novice and veteran users. Supreme Control Panel offers extensive support, an easy-to-use interface as well as plenty of advanced features and services to ensure all needs are met.

Within the navigational interface lies a horizontal menu bar that offers the user several functions and services. Each of the following areas also contains at least five further options, including email options, web tools, live stats, site management and a help center.

Email Options

    The email options category doesn’t contain anything unique. It offers the same choices as other control panels including spam filters and webmail options. The web tools area presents different resources to assist the user with the design and creation of a website utilizing installable scripts. This is a helpful area for new web owners to learn the skills needed to successfully create a site.

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    Live Stats

    The live stats area offers statistics regarding bandwidth, traffic, error logs and databases. These are fairly standard features that can be found with almost all control panel software. A solid statistics reporting area is vital for the maintenance of a website.

    Site Management

    The site management section displays the settings that deal with the domain and also the file manager. Other features include PHP settings, full database control and an area for FrontPage extensions. Finally, the help center offers interactive video tutorials, frequently asked questions and a ticket archive. The help options within Supreme Control Panel are extensive and effective.

    One perk for utilizing this control panel is the language support. Supreme Control Panel is available in 13 different languages to accommodate international needs. Also, services that have traditionally only been available by using the web hosting index page can easily be completed through the control panel. Additionally, users can search for specific domain names, setup new accounts, enable live news feeds and renew web hosting plans.

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    Furthermore, the actual color and design of Supreme Control Panel can be customized based on personal taste. Unfortunately the structure and displays are set and cannot be changed. These have been optimized by professionals to accommodate all user needs.

    Supreme Control Panel offers many features that accommodate new and experienced users in creating and maintaining a website. These options include email options, web tools, live stats, site management and a help center. The primary area that shines within this control panel are the help and support options. With constant updates and continued support, Supreme Control Panel could be one of the best control panels available.

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