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Top Technology Inventions Worthy of Reflection

As the years pass, technology continues to change and more innovative inventions are being developed, created, and used by people from all over the world. Within the past fifty years alone there have been many major changes in the technology realm. It is quite amazing to think what the world will be like when it comes to technology within the next fifty years.

Below is a list of the top inventions from the past. In fact, this list may even be a trip down memory lane to some people who will remember when these inventions were first provided to the general public.

Television Remote


The television remote, believe it or not, was created and developed in 1950, which was only around 55 years ago by Robert Alder. It is hard to believe that there are some people who were living at a point when a television remote did not even exist. What did people do before the invention of the television remote? Well, they simply had to get up whenever they wanted to change the channel. The traditional television came with a dial that could be turned for channel changing. At one point, this was ideal but in society today, people would absolutely hate having to constantly get up to flick the channel especially with all of the channels that are available to us in this day and age.

Can you imagine having to turn a dial for over 800 different television channels? You would be standing there all day trying to find something you like. Instead, you now have the convenience of changing the channel along with other features that are on the television remote control. The first remote control ever created and actually used by the general public was the Zenith remote which was produced in 1956. The remote control had the ability to change channels and adjust the volume. Fifty some years later, remote can not only change channels and adjust volume, they can also provide closed captioning for the hard of hearing, mute the television, and various other cool features that people enjoy. Can you imagine life without a television remote?

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The first time a microwave was ever used was in 1931 using radiation to heat up food. Since 1931, technology has changed drastically and microwaves are nothing like they used to be. Microwaves are so advanced now, they not only prepare your meals by heating them up, they often display the time and also have certain buttons for various types of food. For example, many of the microwaves today come with special buttons for heating up a baked potato and even bagged popcorn. These buttons come in handy for people who are not sure how long these food items should be placed in the microwave. Just about every household in the United States owns a microwave in this day and age. With all of the microwavable meal solutions, it would be unfortunate to not have this awesome invention.

Cordless Tools


You probably do not even realize how simple cordless tools are today as they are commonly used and have been around for quite some time. However, at some point in time, several years ago, there were no cordless tool and tools had to be plugged in order for you to use them. Can you imagine the hassle that this would cause when you are trying to do certain work?  The Black & Decker company actually created the first cordless tool in the 1960’s and this brand has since developed and is the leading brand of cordless tools in America. The reason the brand developed the cordless tool was so that astronauts from NASA could take the tool to space with them while they were on the moon. Because of this invention, you can enjoy the convenience of cordless tools.

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Video Games


The first video game was actually invented in the late 40’s but first become popular in the 1970’s. Video games started off with arcade games and computer games which provided people with a source of fun and unique entertainment. Video games have come a very long way within the past forty years. Can you imagine life without your Play Station 3 or Xbox 360? All of these gaming systems exist because of the first invention of video games so many years ago. There are millions of people all over the world who thoroughly enjoy video games. There are some people who even participate in video gaming contests!

Mobile Phones


It may be hard to believe, but there have been some mobile phones available since the 1940’s. However, these mobile phones were a far cry from the type of mobile phones you would see today. In fact, mobile phones from just two decades ago actually looked like house phones and were probably as heavy as a brick to carry around! Within just the past ten years, mobile phones have evolved so much and just about everyone has one of them. More people are using smart phones, such as the iPhone, for means of staying in touch with family and friends.

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MP3 Players


You probably cannot even imagine going anywhere without your Mp3 player, a portable device for listening to music. Just a few years ago, people were carrying around CD players to listen to music. While the first Mp3 player was released in the early 90’s, most people didn’t start using them until the late 90’s and into the millennium. Mp3 players have since evolved and people all over the world own iPods along with other brands of Mp3 players for music purposes.


It is simply amazing to think of all the inventions that have been developed within just the past 50-100 years. Can you imagine life without any of the inventions? Probably not! With all of the innovations with technology, it is amazing to think what will become of these different inventions in the future. These inventions will likely continue to develop and change over time. Only time will tell.

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