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Using to Find Domain Names That Already Have a High PR

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Building the Page Rank of your site requires time, dedication and a lot of backlinks. Contrary to popular belief, the Page Rank (PR) is not the position of your site in the search engine as it relates to a particular keyword. It is actually a score from 0 to 10 given to every website that is indexed by Google. The higher your page rank, the more powerful your site is in the eyes of the search engine. A PR of 0 indicates a brand new site with little to no links (or a penalized site), and a PR of 10 indicates the most powerful kind of site in existence. The higher the PR of the site, the easier it is to have the site listed at the top of the search engines, for any keyword that you may target. The problem is, it can take a very long time to build up a solid PR for your website. Fortunately, you can use many sites to find domains that have recently expired, and that still have valid backlinks and PR.

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Backlinks in Yahoo and Google

Aside from the age of the domain, there are a number of factors that contribute to the success and authority of your website in the eye’s of the search engines. In fact, there are many domains that are under a a year old that have higher PR than domains that are 7-10 years old. The leading contributor to the authority of a domain is by far the number of backlinks that are indexed by the search engines. There are two columns in the FreshDrop interface that relate to backlinks, the Yahoo column, and the Google column. Since Yahoo backlinks are difficult to accumulate they signify a greater value than Google backlinks.

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Bidding on Domains

There are many sites online that let you bid on domain names with ease. These sites are great for finding rare domain names that could greatly increase your chances of having success in your niche, however it is often difficult to get a decent price on the domain name of your chance. Sites like are different, in that they purchase domain name as they expire, and then resell them at a fixed price depending on their value, which is established based on a variety of factors such as backlinks, pagerank, domain age, and the domain extension among others. Most of the domains at cost only a few more dollars than the original registration fee, and thus are perfect for using with micro blogging and other concentrated niche endeavors.

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Using the Search Function

There is also a search function included within the FreshDrop interface that lets you search for domain names based on a wide range of criteria, including but not limited to domain extension, age, keyword, backlinks, PR, and any combination of these choices. Thus, it is simple to narrow down your choices, and you can even save your domain name hunting projects in your account to continuously find good domains in your niche.


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