Will Google Give Ranking Preference to Websites Based On Security, Rather Than Content?

On August 6, 2014, a post on Google’s Online Security Blog announced that the tech juggernaut had recently been experimenting with its search engine ranking algorithms. Google admitted to running tests that factored a site’s level of security into its formulas, giving a slight preference to encrypted results. While strong HTTPS encryption is commonly used […]

Search Engine Optimization – The Basics Explained


As the internet grows exponentially each day, it becomes harder to gain recognition as a small business owner. Having to compete with large corporations that possess seemingly infinite advertising funds is a difficult task to say the least. In fact, it would be literally impossible without a thorough knowledge in search engine optimization. Search engines […]

Leveraging the Press Release as an SEO Tool

A large number of webmasters and site promoters neglect to implement press releases into their SEO campaigns.  This is primarily because most associate them with some sort of news related publishing piece.  While that holds true from a traditional aspect, press releases are quiet effective in print media and the world of online marketing as […]

Database-Driven Sites with FrontPage

Many website owners are faced with the challenge of keeping their sites fresh with updated content.  Maintaining a frequently updated site is critical these days as it keeps your visitors intrigued and also appeals to the search engines.  This means that you are likely to rank higher and therefore, generate more quality traffic.  An easy […]

Avoid These Five SEO Mistakes

Though it is often described as one big process, good search engine optimization involves a number of different steps.  The intricacies of these steps is what leads many website owners to hire professional SEO firms that claim to have the magic formula.  Going at it alone could seem very unrewarding even after months of hard […]