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Avoid These Five SEO Mistakes

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Though it is often described as one big process, good search engine optimization involves a number of different steps.  The intricacies of these steps is what leads many website owners to hire professional SEO firms that claim to have the magic formula.  Going at it alone could seem very unrewarding even after months of hard work.  When you are not seeing results from your efforts, it usually means that there is a flaw somewhere in the optimization process.  If you truly want to get the most out of search engine optimization, the following mistakes must be avoided at all costs.


The term cloaking refers to having one page designed to attract search engines and others specifically made for your visitors.  While this may seem like a viable strategy, cloaking should be avoided if you want to remain on favorable terms with the search engines.  It might have worked a few years ago, but today’s search engine’s are sophisticated enough to detect this and other unethical forms of SEO.

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SEO Guarantees

The web waters are infested with companies looking to bank off the prevalence of SEO.  These firms often guarantee services that will put you on the first page of Google in the number one spot.  What you should know is that no company can guarantee such rankings.  The fact that most of the top ranked sites report to having no dealings with SEO firms should be enough for you not to rely on outlandish claims.

Multiple Search Engine Submissions

Contrary to popular belief, submitting your website to search engines regularly can be a mistake.  There are some companies that offer services utilizing special software that will automatically submit your site on a regular basis.  Don’t buy into this as it can actually get you penalized and hinder your efforts.

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Too Flashy

If at all possible, Flash is a technology you want to do without.  Though nice from a visual aspect, Flash can leave your site heavy and difficult to process, making it nearly impossible for search engine spiders to interpret.  The best technologies are integrated with HTML as this the language embraced by all search engines.

Moving Too Fast

Good SEO takes equally good patience.  This is an ongoing process, not something you can do just once and put to the side.  Reaching a top search engine position in two days or even two weeks is virtually impossible.  So, even though an SEO firm may claim to get you there in a short amount of time, stay away from the these bogus claims and keep your money.  Take your time and if the right methods are being employed, you will be rewarded with the search engine notoriety you seek.


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