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Utilizing a Control Panel for Novices

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The control panel is perhaps the most important part of your backend interface that is used to manage and organize your websites. Without a control panel your hosting account would be practically useless, unless of course you were highly skilled in computer programming. There are many control panels currently on the market, and many of them are simply spin-offs of the more popular ones like cPanel. In fact, many people will not purchase a hosting account unless it includes an active version of cPanel. So what exactly is a control panel?

The Definition of a Control Panel

Your web hosting control panel is similar to your Windows control panel in that it can be used to modify and interact with literally every aspect of your web server. Your control panel gives you access to your website’s databases and directories by letting you set up FTP accounts, as well as email accounts. Your control panel can also be used to install software on your web server that can improve the functionality of your web site. Control panels include simple installation applications that help you install scripts and other programs that make your site easy to manage and update. Virtually every aspect of site creation, management, maintenance and organization is dealt with within your control panel.

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What is the Best Control Panel?

As usual there is no solid answer to this question simply because everyone has an opinion, and this opinion will surely differ depending upon how much experience you have. However, in general the consensus is that cPanel is the most user-friendly, useful software for controlling your website. The popularity of cPanel has been built up with a snowball effect over the past few years, as more people begin to learn about it and share information about it, even more people want to use it as the awareness of this control panel increases exponentially. For this reason web hosting companies have begun to offer cPanel more than any other hosting control panel. If you’re looking for a control panel to start out with you should definitely consider cPanel as a suitable solution.

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Learning to Use Your Control Panel

Every webmaster should know their control panel like the back of their hand. As mentioned above one of the easiest control panels to learn how to use is the famous cPanel. The great thing about cPanel is that it comes with so many tutorials, regardless of the hosting plan you purchase. Even if you have the cheapest hosting plan available you still have access to all of the cPanel training videos. Aside from the training videos it also doesn’t hurt to run tests yourself to see if you fully understand all of the features within the control panel. You can also find a plethora of information and video tutorials on Youtube. The web is full of advanced and intermediate tutorials that are made especially for cPanel. You can even join the cPanel forum and get answers from cPanel experts within a few hours. All of these features and more make cPanel the perfect solution for any novice webmaster.


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