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The History of Web Hosting

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We can say that web hosting stormed the scene of the Internet like never before, only since the year 1991. It was definitely not as advanced as we see it today. It of course is related to the Internet and the World Wide Web, which again stormed the scene around the same time. The internet and web hosting services are probably the greatest technological inventions till date.

Though the concept of electronic mail as well as the World Wide Web did exist along with the internet, it was only in 1991 that things got revolutionized. With this, a lot of commercial restrictions were removed from this zone. There were a lot of commercial possibilities because of this, and the Internet created opportunities for everyone to host web pages.

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This revolution was called the revolution of electronic commerce. And once companies started realizing that there was potential for web hosting, they began offering services to all those who wanted to host pages through the internet, for the world to see. While earlier the internet and web pages, and everything related to this field was only restricted to universities and computer experts, potential grew for others too.

This revolution made it easy for the common man to access web site addresses, and web pages. Naturally it evolved, and initially the formats were different. But as time went by, the formats were made easier for the people to use. We can also say that there was a complexity with the way it operates, and because of this, all companies who were thorough with the technical aspects, cashed in on the opportunities.

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When web hosting was first introduced in the market, not everyone could use the services. It was very expensive and also very complex in nature. Over time, it became less complicated, but technical companies were still needed for the processes. However it became very cheap over the years, and today there are web hosting services that are offered for free.

While earlier several large computer companies used to rent out the space from their servers, today web hosting has become an entire industry by itself. There are millions of people offering such services, and also millions of people are hosting the web pages. While earlier only large business houses and other organizations could do the needful, today individuals can host web pages.

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The complexity of web hosting also changed over the years. It was first a single way to compose the necessary, and today there are several types of web hosting services, depending on the requirements of the person, and the kind of web page it is. As it is has evolved so much, the web hosting business is today worth billions of dollars.

It has become easy for anyone to grasp this concept, to offer such services. The free services are of course powered by advertisements, and there are good paid services as well, at reasonable prices. The web hosting service has come a very long way since 1991, and hence controls the Internet.


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