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What to Look for in Web Hosting Support

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It does not matter whether you lease a dedicated server or a typical web hosting plan, having a solution that comes equipped with excellent support is an absolute must. From basic customer service endeavors to more complex technical issues, you need a host that can come through in the clutch to deliver top-notch support. This article will explain why support is so critical and give you a few key factors to consider when evaluating service.

Peace of Mind

Just because you sign up with a reliable hosting provider, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will enjoy a flawless service. Whether it is a power outage or a corrupt hard drive, anything can go wrong behind the scenes and for the most part, these problems are out of your hands. Should something occur that brings your website down, you need to have the reassurance of being able to get in touch with someone immediately to find out what’s going on. If the web host cannot provide you with speedy, quality support, you run the risk of enduring even more problems and losing visitors when technical issues are not resolved in a timely manner.

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Putting the Support Staff to the Test

Before entering a service agreement with any web host, it is highly recommended that you test their level of support first. You can do this by contacting the support staff with basic questions regarding uploading your files to the server or whatever concerns you the most. By asking pre-sales questions, you will have a chance to evaluate the competency and overall effectiveness of the web hosting provider’s support staff. This will ultimately help you determine if the host can provide you with clear, satisfactory answers to your questions in the future. Of course nothing is guaranteed down the line, but first impressions can tell you a lot in this regard.

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Evaluating Response Times

When evaluating the hosting provider’s support staff, there are few things you want to consider but most importantly, the time frame in which it takes to receive a response to your initial inquiry. This applies for addressing matters via phone as well as email and support ticket. If you can get in touch with the support team directly, evaluate how long it takes to get someone on the phone. Some companies have incredibly long wait times so this is definitely something you want to take into consideration before making a commitment. Depending on the nature of the problem, a support staff that leaves waiting on the phone for ten or twenty minutes could be like having no help at all.

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Anticipate Problems, Expect Great Support

If all of a sudden you begin to experience technical issues with a web hosting service, relax because you are not the first to hit such a road block. Problems occur quite frequently and can range from subtle annoyances to catastrophes that result in some downtime for your website. Though it is almost impossible to obtain a 100% trouble-free service, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a solution that comes with first-rate customer service and technical support. As a customer that enables the business to exist, a web host needs to make you a priority by providing the assistance whenever you need it. If not, they are not worthy of your business.


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