What Are the RAM Requirements for Various Popular Minecraft Modpacks with InMotion Hosting?

The RAM requirements for popular Minecraft modpacks with InMotion Hosting range from 3GB to 8GB, tailored to each modpack's complexity and features. Key modpacks like RLCraft and Hexxit need higher RAM (8GB), while others like Pixelmon are more modest (3GB). InMotion Hosting's server plans, varying from 2GB to 32GB RAM, cater to all these modpack needs, ensuring optimal performance and gameplay.
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The RAM requirements for various popular Minecraft modpacks are a crucial aspect to consider when selecting a server plan with InMotion Hosting. These requirements are pivotal for ensuring smooth gameplay and server stability.

Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Modpack Minimum RAM Description
RLCraft Modpack 8GB Resource-intensive with realistic survival elements.
SkyFactory 4 Modpack 6GB Skyblock experience with extensive customizations.
MineColonies Modpack 6GB Interactive NPC-driven colony building.
Tekkit Modpack 4GB Technology and automation-focused gameplay.
Hexxit Modpack 8GB Adventure and exploration with a broad mod list.
Revelations, Beyond, Advanced Wizardry Modpacks 4GB Blend of technology, magic, and exploration.
StoneBlock 3, Direwolf20 Modpacks 6GB Unique gameplay experiences with diverse mod combinations.
Pixelmon Modpack 3GB Minecraft meets Pokémon gameplay integration.
Better MC Modpack 6GB Enhances vanilla Minecraft with additional features.
Vault Hunters 3, All The Mods 8 Modpacks 8GB Extensive mods with significant gameplay enhancements.
  • RLCraft Modpack: This is one of the most resource-intensive modpacks. It requires a minimum of 8GB of RAM. This modpack is designed for more experienced players and features realistic survival elements, making it essential to have sufficient RAM to handle its complexity.
  • SkyFactory 4 Modpack: For this modpack, at least 6GB of RAM is recommended. SkyFactory 4 offers a skyblock experience with a vast array of customizations and mods, which necessitates a higher RAM allocation for optimal performance.
  • MineColonies Modpack: This modpack, which adds interactive NPC-driven colonies, also requires 6GB RAM. The modpack is known for its detailed and expansive colony-building features.
  • Tekkit Modpack: A classic in the Minecraft modding community, Tekkit requires a minimum of 4GB RAM. This modpack focuses on technology and automation, demanding moderate resources for smooth operation.
  • Hexxit Modpack: Aimed at adventure and exploration, Hexxit needs at least 8GB RAM. This is due to its extensive list of mods that add new dungeons, creatures, and treasures.
  • Revelations, Beyond, and Advanced Wizardry Modpacks: Each of these modpacks require 4GB RAM. They offer a balanced Minecraft experience with a mix of technology, magic, and exploration mods.
  • StoneBlock 3 and Direwolf20 Modpacks: Both these modpacks need 6GB RAM. They are known for their unique gameplay experiences and mod combinations.
  • Pixelmon Modpack: For fans of both Minecraft and Pokémon, this modpack requires 3GB RAM. It integrates Pokémon gameplay into the Minecraft world.
  • Better MC Modpack: This modpack, which enhances the vanilla Minecraft experience, requires 6GB RAM.
  • Vault Hunters 3 and All The Mods 8 Modpacks: These extensive modpacks each require 8GB RAM due to their large number of mods and added gameplay elements.

In summary, the RAM requirements for these popular Minecraft modpacks range from 3GB to 8GB, depending on the complexity and features of each modpack. InMotion Hosting’s Minecraft Server Hosting plans offer various options, starting from 2GB to 32GB of RAM, allowing you to choose a plan that best suits the needs of your chosen modpack and desired player capacity. Remember, selecting the right amount of RAM is crucial for ensuring a stable and enjoyable Minecraft server experience.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Diverse RAM Requirements in Minecraft Modpacks

In Minecraft Server Hosting, particularly with InMotion Hosting, understanding the benefits and drawbacks of the diverse RAM requirements for various modpacks is essential for an optimized gaming experience. Let’s have a closer look at how these requirements impact server performance and player experience.

Aspect Benefits Drawbacks
Enhanced Performance Smooth gameplay, reduced lag in complex modpacks like RLCraft and Hexxit (8GB RAM). Increased hosting costs for higher RAM plans.
Customization and Flexibility Supports intricate mechanics in modpacks like SkyFactory 4 (6GB RAM), enabling rich customization. Limits resource availability for other servers or applications.
Stability in Gameplay Consistent, uninterrupted gameplay in mixed-element modpacks like Revelations and Beyond (4GB RAM). Potential underutilization in less demanding modpacks, leading to unnecessary expenses.


  1. Enhanced Performance: Higher RAM allocations, as required by modpacks like RLCraft and Hexxit (8GB), ensure smoother gameplay and reduced lag. This is crucial for maintaining an immersive experience, especially in resource-intensive scenarios with complex environments and numerous players.
  2. Customization and Flexibility: Modpacks such as SkyFactory 4 and MineColonies, requiring 6GB RAM, offer extensive customization options. This level of RAM supports the intricate mechanics and features of these modpacks, allowing for a more personalized and engaging gameplay.
  3. Stability in Gameplay: Adequate RAM allocation, aligned with the modpack requirements, ensures server stability. This is particularly important for modpacks that integrate various gameplay elements, like the Revelations, Beyond, and Advanced Wizardry Modpacks, ensuring consistent and uninterrupted play sessions.


  1. Higher Costs: More RAM equates to higher hosting costs. For instance, modpacks demanding 8GB RAM might necessitate more expensive server plans. This could be a limiting factor for budget-conscious gamers or small gaming communities.
  2. Resource Allocation: Allocating higher RAM for one server might limit resources available for other applications or servers running simultaneously. This is a key consideration for those hosting multiple game servers or other applications.
  3. Underutilization Risks: Opting for higher RAM without fully utilizing it, as might be the case with modpacks requiring less RAM (like Pixelmon with 3GB), can lead to unnecessary expenses. It’s essential to balance the RAM requirements against actual usage patterns.

In conclusion, while higher RAM requirements enable enhanced performance and customization for complex Minecraft modpacks, they also bring considerations of cost and resource allocation. Choosing the right server plan with InMotion Hosting involves weighing these factors to ensure a balanced, enjoyable, and cost-effective Minecraft hosting experience.

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