What Are the Technical Specifications That Make Network Solutions’ SSL Certificates Secure?

Network Solutions' SSL Certificates ensure top-tier website security through 256-bit data encryption and offer a range of certificates to meet diverse needs, from basic domain validation to full organizational validation with up to $1 million in warranty. With 99% browser recognition and key trust indicators such as the padlock icon and "https" protocol, these certificates enhance user trust and website credibility. Expert live support further aids in seamless certificate installation and management.
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Network Solutions’ SSL Certificates are designed with robust security features to ensure the highest level of protection for websites, their owners, and their users. Here’s an in-depth look at the technical specifications that contribute to the security of SSL Certificates offered by Network Solutions:

256-Bit Data Encryption

The cornerstone of the security offered by Network Solutions’ SSL Certificates is the 256-bit data encryption. This level of encryption is industry-standard and is known for its computational infeasibility to crack using brute-force attacks. The 256-bit encryption ensures that any data transmitted between the web server and the user’s browser remains private and secure. This encryption strength is particularly important for protecting sensitive information such as credit card numbers, personal information, and login credentials.

Types of SSL Certificates and Validation Processes

Network Solutions offers several types of SSL Certificates, each catering to different security needs and validation levels:

  • Xpress SSL Certificate (Domain Validation): This certificate offers basic encryption and is typically issued within minutes following a successful domain ownership verification. It’s ideal for personal sites or blogs that require basic security.
  • Basic SSL Certificate (Organizational Validation): This level involves a more thorough validation process, including the authentication of the organization’s identity. It’s suitable for businesses that want to provide their customers with a higher degree of trust.
  • Advanced SSL Certificate (Full Coverage Organizational Validation): Similar to the Basic certificate but offers more extensive coverage, designed for organizations seeking to establish maximum trust from visitors.
  • Wildcard SSL Certificate: This certificate secures an unlimited number of subdomains under a single domain, providing flexibility and comprehensive security for large websites with multiple entry points.
  • UCC SSL Certificate: Designed for securing multiple domains with a single certificate, ideal for businesses managing a portfolio of websites.
  • Extended Validation SSL Certificate: Offers the highest level of security and trust to visitors by displaying the green address bar in browsers, which is a direct indicator of a highly secure connection. This certificate undergoes a rigorous validation process, including extensive vetting of the organization’s operational, legal, and physical existence.

Browser Recognition and Trust Indicators

All SSL Certificates from Network Solutions feature 99% browser recognition, ensuring that the vast majority of web users will recognize the security of a site when visiting. Additionally, the inclusion of trust indicators like the closed padlock icon in the browser address bar and the “https” protocol signal to users that their connection is secure, enhancing user trust and confidence in the website.

Live Expert Support

Network Solutions provides live expert support to assist with any questions or issues regarding SSL Certificates. This ensures that website owners can navigate the installation process smoothly and maintain their site’s security with expert guidance.


The SSL Certificates come with varying levels of warranties, from $10,000 to $1 million, depending on the certificate type. This guarantee provides financial protection to the end user in the unlikely event of a breach due to a certificate flaw.


Network Solutions’ SSL Certificates are built on a foundation of strong technical specifications, including 256-bit encryption, various levels of validation to suit different needs, high browser recognition, and additional trust indicators. These features work collectively to secure websites against interception and data breaches, making Network Solutions a reliable choice for website security solutions.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Network Solutions’ SSL Certificates

In digital security, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates stand as a bulwark against data breaches, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of online communications. Network Solutions leverages its industry prowess to offer a suite of SSL Certificates, tailored to bolster web security through cutting-edge encryption and validation processes. Let’s have a closer look at the advantages and potential limitations of these certificates, shedding light on their implications for businesses and end-users alike.

Feature Benefits Drawbacks
256-bit Encryption Ensures data confidentiality and integrity between client-server communications.
Validation Levels Offers certificates from basic DV to comprehensive EV for targeted security needs. EV SSL’s rigorous validation may delay issuance.
Browser Compatibility 99% recognition ensures widespread user trust through visible security indicators.
Trust Indicators Use of padlock icon and “https” protocol enhances perceived site credibility.
Guarantee and Support Financial warranties and expert assistance bolster confidence in product reliability.
Cost Investment in higher-tier certificates might be prohibitive for smaller entities.
Technical Complexity Potential challenge for entities without specialized IT capabilities.

Benefits of Network Solutions’ SSL Certificates

  • Robust Encryption: At the core of Network Solutions’ offerings is 256-bit encryption, a formidable standard that renders data virtually impenetrable to unauthorized access. This cryptographic strength ensures that sensitive information, be it financial details or personal data, remains secure during transmission between servers and browsers.
  • Diverse Validation Levels: Catering to a spectrum of security needs, Network Solutions offers a variety of SSL Certificates, from Domain Validation (DV) for basic security to Extended Validation (EV) for the highest level of trust. This flexibility allows businesses to select a certificate that aligns with their specific security requirements and customer trust expectations.
  • High Browser Compatibility: With 99% browser recognition, Network Solutions’ SSL Certificates guarantee that the vast majority of web users will perceive the security measures in place, signified by the ubiquitous padlock icon and the secure “https” protocol in the address bar.
  • Enhanced Trust Indicators: Beyond encryption, these certificates incorporate trust indicators such as the green address bar (in the case of EV SSL), signaling to users that their connection is secure and the website’s identity has been thoroughly vetted, thereby fostering a safer browsing experience.
  • Guarantee and Support: The inclusion of warranties ranging from $10,000 to $1 million offers a safety net against potential certificate-related security breaches, supplemented by expert support for installation and troubleshooting, enhancing the value proposition of Network Solutions’ SSL offerings.

Drawbacks of Network Solutions’ SSL Certificates

  • Cost Considerations: While Network Solutions provides a wide array of SSL Certificates to suit various needs, the cost can be a consideration for small businesses or startups. The investment in higher-tier certificates like EV SSL, although beneficial for security and trust, may be significant compared to basic DV SSL options.
  • Validation Process Time: The validation process, particularly for EV SSL Certificates, can be time-consuming, requiring thorough documentation and verification. This extended timeframe might be a drawback for businesses seeking immediate certificate issuance.
  • Technical Complexity: Some businesses, especially those without a dedicated IT department, may find the technical aspects of SSL Certificate installation and management daunting. Despite the availability of expert support, the initial setup and ongoing maintenance require a certain level of technical proficiency.

In conclusion, Network Solutions’ SSL Certificates provide a robust security framework for websites, enhancing data integrity, user trust, and compliance with digital security standards. While they offer comprehensive benefits from enhanced encryption to broad browser compatibility, considerations around cost, validation timing, and technical complexity may influence the decision-making process for potential users. Understanding these factors is crucial for businesses aiming to secure their online presence effectively.

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