What Guarantees Does Leaseweb Offer Regarding its Platform’s Core Network Uptime?

Leaseweb guarantees a remarkable 99.999% core network uptime, supported by a redundant network architecture, direct connectivity to multiple Tier-1 internet backbones, and a robust capacity of over 10 Tbps bandwidth. This exceptional reliability is further ensured by proactive DDoS protection, a dual-vendor policy on border routers, and continuous monitoring by 24/7 Network Operations teams. These technical strategies collectively provide a resilient, high-performance network infrastructure designed to meet the demanding uptime requirements of businesses globally.
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Leaseweb guarantees an exceptional core network uptime of 99.999% across its platform, a commitment that underscores the reliability and stability customers can expect when utilizing its services. This level of uptime is pivotal for businesses seeking minimal disruptions and maximum availability for their online operations.

Here are the technical foundations of the Leaseweb 99.999% uptime guarantee:

  1. Redundant Network Architecture: Leaseweb’s network is meticulously designed with redundancy at its core, ensuring no single point of failure can impact the network’s overall uptime. This redundancy extends across various layers, including multiple active paths for cooling and power distribution within its data centers, as well as redundant components throughout the network infrastructure.
  2. Dual-Vendor Policy on Border Routers: To further bolster reliability, Leaseweb employs a dual-vendor policy for its border routers (BRs). This strategy mitigates the risk of vendor-specific issues leading to network downtime, ensuring continuity of service even in the event of a failure or issue with equipment from one vendor.
  3. Connectivity with Tier-1 Internet Backbones: The platform’s robustness is enhanced by direct connectivity to multiple Tier-1 internet backbones, such as Telia, Tata, Cogent, GTT, Zayo, and NTT. This extensive connectivity ensures high performance, with the added benefit of competitive pricing due to the economies of scale and negotiation leverage that Leaseweb possesses with these top-tier providers.
  4. Over 10 Tbps Bandwidth Capacity: Leaseweb’s significant bandwidth capacity, exceeding 10 Tbps, not only accommodates the high traffic demands of its customers but also contributes to the network’s resilience. This capacity enables the handling of traffic surges and the distribution of load effectively, preventing congestion and potential downtime.
  5. Peering with 2000+ ISPs: By peering with more than 2000 Internet Service Providers globally, Leaseweb ensures a lower latency and higher speed connection for its customers’ data traffic. This extensive peering network supports the uptime guarantee by providing multiple pathways for data, thereby enhancing the network’s fault tolerance and reliability.
  6. 24/7 Network Operations Teams: Leaseweb’s commitment to uptime is also supported by its round-the-clock Network Operations teams. These teams monitor the network’s performance continuously, enabling rapid response to incidents and ensuring swift resolution of issues before they can affect uptime significantly.
  7. DDoS Protection: To protect against cyber threats that could potentially disrupt service availability, Leaseweb has deployed technology to detect and mitigate DDoS attacks across all its data centers. This proactive stance on security ensures that hosting services are safeguarded against interruptions caused by such attacks.
  8. Software Defined Networking (SDN) Technology: Leaseweb utilizes SDN technology to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of its network. By automating service delivery and optimizing network paths in real-time, SDN supports the uptime guarantee by reducing manual intervention and enabling quicker adaptation to changing network conditions.

In summary, Leaseweb’s 99.999% uptime guarantee is underpinned by a comprehensive and technically advanced network infrastructure that includes redundancy, extensive peering, high bandwidth capacity, proactive security measures, and continuous monitoring. These technical specifications and strategies collectively ensure that Leaseweb’s customers receive reliable, uninterrupted service, critical for maintaining their online presence and business operations.


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Benefits and Drawbacks of Leaseweb’s 99.999% Uptime Guarantee

Leaseweb’s commitment to a 99.999% uptime guarantee showcases its robust and resilient network infrastructure, designed to support the continuous online presence and operations of businesses. This commitment is underpinned by a sophisticated network design, incorporating redundancy, extensive Tier-1 backbone connectivity, and substantial bandwidth capacity. While these features offer significant advantages, it’s important to consider both the benefits and potential drawbacks to provide a comprehensive overview.

Aspect Benefits Drawbacks
Reliability and Availability Enhanced through network redundancy and dual-vendor router policy, ensuring continuous service uptime. Complexity in network management may require extensive support and reliance on Leaseweb.
Performance Optimized via direct Tier-1 backbone connectivity and extensive ISP peering, reducing latency and improving speed. Advanced features may come at a higher cost, potentially impacting budget-sensitive entities.
Scalability and Flexibility Facilitated by over 10 Tbps bandwidth and SDN technology, allowing dynamic scaling and resource allocation. May introduce operational dependency on Leaseweb for critical infrastructure needs.
Security Proactive DDoS protection and continuous monitoring safeguard against cyber threats, protecting data integrity. While offering superior security, the implementation of advanced security measures can further complicate management.

Benefits Explained

  1. High Reliability and Availability: The core network’s redundancy and the dual-vendor policy for border routers significantly reduce the risk of downtime, ensuring high availability and reliability. This is crucial for businesses requiring constant online presence and access to their data and applications without interruption.
  2. Optimized Performance: Connectivity to multiple Tier-1 internet backbones and peering with over 2000 ISPs ensures optimized network performance. This translates to lower latency, faster data transfer speeds, and enhanced user experience, critical for applications requiring real-time data processing and delivery.
  3. Scalability and Flexibility: With over 10 Tbps of bandwidth capacity and SDN technology, Leaseweb’s network can easily accommodate traffic surges, allowing businesses to scale their operations seamlessly. SDN contributes to network agility, enabling dynamic routing and efficient resource allocation.
  4. Enhanced Security: Proactive DDoS protection and continuous monitoring by Network Operations teams safeguard the network against cyber threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of data transmitted across Leaseweb’s infrastructure.

Drawbacks Considered

  1. Complexity in Management: The advanced network architecture and technologies employed by Leaseweb, while beneficial, may introduce complexity in network management. Businesses may need to rely more heavily on Leaseweb’s support teams for optimal configuration and maintenance.
  2. Cost Implications: The high level of network uptime and performance comes with associated costs. For some businesses, especially smaller enterprises or startups, the financial investment in such advanced hosting solutions may be a significant consideration.
  3. Over-Reliance on Provider: Utilizing Leaseweb’s network services may lead to a degree of dependency on the provider for critical operations. This necessitates a strong trust in Leaseweb’s ability to maintain its service levels and respond effectively to issues.

In conclusion, Leaseweb’s 99.999% uptime guarantee is supported by a technically sophisticated network infrastructure offering numerous benefits, including reliability, performance, scalability, and security. However, potential drawbacks such as management complexity, cost considerations, and provider reliance should be evaluated to ensure that Leaseweb’s services align with an organization’s specific needs and capabilities. This balanced approach enables businesses to leverage Leaseweb’s advanced network solutions effectively while mitigating any potential challenges.

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