What Sets Bluehost Apart in Providing Dedicated Server Resources?

Bluehost sets itself apart in the dedicated server hosting market with custom-built servers featuring the latest Intel Xeon-D CPUs, offering configurations up to 8 core / 16 thread CPUs with up to 30 GB RAM and 2 TB HDD storage for high-demand websites. It provides full root access, unmetered bandwidth, RAID1 storage for enhanced data protection, and dedicated support to ensure high performance and reliability. Fast server provisioning and scalable storage options cater to businesses looking for rapid deployment and growth potential.
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Bluehost distinguishes itself in the dedicated server hosting space through a combination of high-performance hardware, customizable server environments, and value-added features that cater to businesses seeking powerful and reliable web hosting solutions.

Here’s an in-depth look at what sets Bluehost apart in providing dedicated server resources:

Custom-Built Servers with the Latest Technology

Bluehost’s dedicated servers are custom-built using the latest open-source technology, ensuring that users benefit from the most current and efficient hardware and software. This approach allows for flexibility in upgrading performance over time, keeping pace with evolving web technology and user needs.

Advanced Hardware Specifications

The hardware specifications of Bluehost’s dedicated servers are designed to cater to high-demand websites, with configurations that support extreme performance levels:

  • CPU Options: Bluehost offers dedicated servers with Intel Xeon-D CPUs, providing a range of core and thread options. The Standard plan features a 4 core / 8 thread configuration, the Enhanced plan offers an 8 core / 16 thread setup, and the Premium plan provides an even more robust 8 core / 16 thread CPU but with higher RAM.
  • RAM and Storage: The servers come with significant RAM and storage options, starting from 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB HDD storage on the Standard plan, going up to 16 GB RAM and 2 TB HDD storage on the Enhanced plan, and reaching 30 GB RAM with 2 TB HDD storage on the Premium plan. This allocation supports heavy-duty processing and large-scale storage requirements, making it suitable for websites with high traffic volumes and extensive data.

Unmetered Bandwidth and RAID Storage

Bluehost’s dedicated servers offer unmetered bandwidth, ensuring that websites can handle vast amounts of traffic without facing additional charges based on data transfer volumes. Additionally, the RAID1 storage configuration mirrors data for improved security and protection, safeguarding against data loss.

Full Root and cPanel Access

For users requiring maximum control over their server environment, Bluehost provides full root access. This feature allows advanced users to install and manage custom software, configure settings to their exact requirements, and perform a wide range of technical operations without restrictions. The inclusion of cPanel with root access further simplifies server management, allowing users to manage their websites, domains, emails, and resources efficiently from one central location.

Dedicated Support and Fast Provisioning

Bluehost offers dedicated support for its dedicated server plans, ensuring expedited assistance from agents specifically trained to address dedicated hosting issues. The fast provisioning of servers, typically within 24-72 hours, means businesses can get their high-performance sites up and running quickly.

Enhanced Security and Optional Upgrades

The dedicated servers come with RAID storage for data mirroring, basic AutoSSL for secure connections, and the option for users to add enhanced security features such as SiteLock for protection against malware and other vulnerabilities. Users also have the flexibility to upgrade their storage in real-time without server admin assistance, providing scalability to grow with their website needs.


Bluehost’s dedicated server hosting stands out through its combination of cutting-edge hardware, extensive customization options, robust security features, and dedicated customer support. These attributes make Bluehost an appealing choice for businesses and high-traffic websites seeking reliable, high-performance dedicated server resources.


Experience unparalleled website performance and security with Bluehost’s custom-built dedicated servers – where power meets reliability.

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Pros and Cons of Bluehost’s Dedicated Server Hosting

Bluehost’s dedicated server hosting offers a compelling suite of features designed to cater to high-traffic websites and businesses with demanding online operations. Let’s have a closer look at the advantages and potential limitations of opting for Bluehost’s dedicated server solutions, providing a balanced perspective to inform your hosting decision.

Feature Benefits Drawbacks
High-Performance Hardware Intel Xeon-D CPUs with up to 8 cores/16 threads, up to 30 GB RAM, and 2 TB HDD storage ensure superior performance for demanding applications. While offering high capacity, HDDs may not match the speed and efficiency of SSDs for database-intensive operations.
Scalability and Flexibility Unmetered bandwidth and real-time storage upgrades support growth; full root access allows for extensive customization. Requires technical acumen to manage and optimize server settings effectively, potentially limiting accessibility for non-technical users.
Enhanced Security and Reliability RAID1 storage mirroring, AutoSSL, and optional SiteLock protect against data loss and cyber threats; dedicated support ensures reliability. Advanced security features and support come at a higher cost, impacting budget considerations for small to medium enterprises.

Benefits of Bluehost’s Dedicated Server Hosting

  • High-Performance Hardware: Bluehost utilizes cutting-edge technology with its Intel Xeon-D processors, supporting configurations that include up to 8 cores and 16 threads, coupled with up to 30 GB of RAM and 2 TB of HDD storage. This robust hardware setup ensures optimal performance for resource-intensive applications and websites, significantly reducing latency and enhancing user experience.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: With features like unmetered bandwidth and the ability to upgrade storage in real-time, Bluehost’s dedicated servers offer scalability that accommodates growing traffic and data requirements seamlessly. Full root access grants users complete control over their server environment, allowing for custom installations and configurations to meet specific needs.
  • Enhanced Security and Reliability: The RAID1 storage configuration mirrors data, offering an added layer of data protection. Basic AutoSSL and optional SiteLock enhancements fortify server security, safeguarding against cyber threats. The dedicated support team and expedited server provisioning further underscore Bluehost’s commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction.

Drawbacks of Bluehost’s Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Cost Considerations: While offering substantial value, Bluehost’s dedicated server plans come at a higher price point compared to shared or VPS hosting options. Businesses must evaluate their budget against their need for advanced features and performance to determine if the investment aligns with their financial strategy.
  • Technical Expertise Required: The level of control and customization available with Bluehost’s dedicated servers, while a significant advantage, requires a certain degree of technical knowledge. Full root access and server management can be daunting for users without the necessary skills, potentially necessitating additional resources or support.
  • Hardware Limitations: Despite the high-performance hardware, the initial configuration of HDD storage instead of SSDs may not meet the expectations of users seeking the utmost in speed and performance. While HDDs offer ample storage capacity, SSDs are faster and more efficient, particularly for databases and high-transaction websites.


Bluehost’s dedicated server hosting combines robust performance hardware, scalability, and enhanced security features to serve high-traffic websites and businesses with complex online operations. However, the cost and technical demands may require careful consideration. Organizations poised to leverage the full spectrum of benefits, and equipped to navigate the complexities, will find Bluehost’s dedicated server offerings a powerful asset to their online presence.

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