What Shared Hosting Plans Does Just Host Offer, and How Do They Compare in Terms of Features and Cost?

Just Host offers four tiered shared web hosting plans—Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro—designed to cater to a wide range of hosting needs, from individual websites to businesses requiring advanced features and high performance. The plans vary in terms of websites hosted, email accounts, storage space, and performance capabilities, with pricing structured to offer greater value for longer-term commitments. The Pro plan stands out for businesses with its high performance, unlimited resources, and enhanced security features.
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Just Host offers a range of shared web hosting plans designed to cater to various needs, from individual website owners to businesses seeking robust web hosting solutions. Each plan is crafted to provide a balance of features and cost, ensuring users have access to the necessary tools and resources to effectively manage and grow their online presence. Let’s have a closer look at the specifics of Just Host’s shared web hosting plans, comparing their features, performance, and pricing structures to help users make an informed decision.

Shared Web Hosting Plans Overview

Just Host’s shared hosting portfolio includes four distinct plans: Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro. These plans are structured to accommodate the scalability requirements of different users, ranging from those hosting a single website to those requiring advanced features and performance for multiple sites.

Feature Basic Plan Plus Plan Choice Plus Plan Pro Plan
Websites Hosted 1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Performance Standard Standard Standard High
Email Accounts 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Storage 100MB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Website Space 50 GB Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Max File Count 200,000 200,000 200,000 300,000
MySQL Databases 20 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain Registration Included Included Included Included
SubDomains 25 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Free SSL Certificate Included Included Included Included
Dedicated IP No No No Yes
Premium SSL No No No Positive SSL

1. Basic Plan

  • Websites: Allows hosting for 1 website, making it an ideal choice for individuals or startups taking their first step online.
  • Performance: Standard performance is offered, sufficient for basic website needs.
  • Email Accounts: Users can create up to 5 email accounts, with 100MB email storage per account.
  • Website Space: Provides 50 GB of website space, ample for small websites.
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered bandwidth ensures the website can handle varying amounts of traffic without extra charges.
  • Max File Count: Supports up to 200,000 files (inodes), suitable for small to medium-sized websites.
  • MySQL Databases: Up to 20 MySQL databases are allowed, with a maximum database size of 5 GB and usage of 10 GB.

2. Plus Plan

  • Websites: Host unlimited websites, perfect for users with multiple sites.
  • Email Accounts: Unlimited email accounts with unlimited email storage.
  • Website Space: Unmetered space offers flexibility for growing content and user base.
  • Max File Count: Maintains a 200,000 file count limit.
  • SubDomains: 50 subdomains are provided, allowing for efficient site segmentation and management.
  • MySQL Databases: Unlimited MySQL databases, adhering to the same size and usage limits as the Basic plan.

3. Choice Plus Plan

  • Websites, Email, and Space: Inherits all the unlimited features of the Plus plan.
  • One Free Domain Privacy: Adds an extra layer of privacy protection for your domain registration.
  • Automated Backups: CodeGuard Basic included for 1 year, offering automated site backups for enhanced data protection.

4. Pro Plan

  • Performance: High performance with an elevated resource allocation for faster load times and smoother user experience.
  • Max File Count: Increases to 300,000, catering to larger sites with extensive content.
  • SubDomains: Unlimited subdomains.
  • Free Dedicated IP: Includes a dedicated IP address, essential for certain SEO and e-commerce functionalities.
  • Premium SSL Certificate: Offers Positive SSL, providing stronger security for transactions and user data.

Pricing Comparison

  • Basic Plan: Monthly price starts at $14.99, with significant discounts for longer term commitments—$11.99/month for 36 months.
  • Plus Plan: Begins at $20.99 monthly, reducing to $14.99/month for a 36-month term.
  • Choice Plus Plan: Initially $22.99 per month, decreasing to $17.99/month for the 36-month option.
  • Pro Plan: The most advanced option, starting at $35.99 monthly, with a long-term price of $29.99/month for 36 months.


Just Host’s shared web hosting plans are designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, ensuring that there’s a suitable option for every type of user—from those launching their first website to businesses managing multiple online properties. The Basic plan offers a cost-effective solution for starters, while the Plus and Choice Plus plans provide enhanced features for growing sites. The Pro plan stands out for high-demand websites, offering top-tier performance and security enhancements.

When comparing features and cost, it’s evident that Just Host prioritizes providing value across its hosting plans, with significant discounts available for users committing to longer terms. This pricing strategy, coupled with a comprehensive suite of features, makes Just Host a competitive option in the shared web hosting market.

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Analyzing Just Host’s Shared Hosting: Advantages and Challenges

In web hosting, Just Host stands out by offering a versatile range of shared hosting plans, each meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of website owners. From the Basic plan, ideal for newcomers to the web, to the Pro plan, tailored for businesses with high traffic demands, Just Host delivers a spectrum of solutions.

Let’s have a closer look at the technical benefits and potential limitations of these offerings.

Features & Considerations Pros Cons
Scalability & Flexibility Seamless scaling with tiered hosting plans, accommodating growth without platform migration. Basic plan limitations necessitate plan upgrades as site demands increase.
Feature Richness Includes unlimited email (Plus onwards), unmetered bandwidth, cPanel, SSL, and WordPress installs. Resource constraints on Basic plan may impede initial growth potential.
Cost Efficiency Competitive introductory offers and significant discounts for extended commitments. Post-introductory rate increases may impact long-term budgeting.
Performance Standard to high performance options available, catering to diverse site needs. Only Pro plan guarantees “high performance,” possibly limiting for high-traffic sites.
Renewal Policy & Transparency Renewal rate hikes require careful consideration and budget planning from users.

Benefits of Just Host’s Shared Hosting Plans

  • Scalability and Flexibility: Just Host’s tiered approach to shared hosting plans ensures users can start small and scale up as their website grows. The seamless transition between plans caters to evolving business needs, ensuring website owners have access to the necessary resources and functionalities without the need to migrate to a completely new platform.
  • Comprehensive Feature Set: Each plan comes packed with a wealth of features, including unlimited email accounts (from Plus plan onwards), unmetered bandwidth, and ample storage space. The integration of cPanel, free SSL certificates, and 1-click WordPress installs across all plans enhances user experience, making website management straightforward and secure.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: With aggressive introductory pricing and significant discounts for longer-term commitments, Just Host provides a cost-efficient solution for individuals and businesses looking to establish or expand their online presence. The inclusion of free domain registration, email addresses, and marketing tools adds substantial value, reducing the initial setup costs associated with launching a website.

Drawbacks and Considerations

  • Resource Limitations on Basic Plan: The Basic plan, while affordable, imposes constraints on the number of websites, email accounts, and storage space. This could limit the growth potential for users whose sites quickly outgrow these initial allowances, necessitating an upgrade to a more robust plan.
  • Performance Variability: Although Just Host promises standard performance across most plans, only the Pro plan explicitly offers “high performance.” Users with demanding website requirements, particularly those with high traffic volumes or resource-intensive applications, may find the standard performance insufficient for optimal user experience.
  • Renewal Rates: It’s important to note that Just Host’s attractive introductory prices shift to higher regular rates upon renewal. This pricing model, common in the web hosting industry, may catch some users off guard if they’re not fully aware of the long-term costs associated with their chosen hosting plan.

In conclusion, Just Host’s shared web hosting solutions present a compelling option for a broad spectrum of users, balancing feature-rich offerings with cost efficiency. The scalability, extensive functionalities, and competitive pricing structure make it an attractive choice, though it’s crucial for potential users to consider the limitations and performance expectations associated with each plan. As always, understanding the specific needs of your website and anticipating growth will guide you in choosing the most suitable hosting solution.

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