How to Create Bootable USB Drive for CentOS/RHEL ISO Image

In this post, i will guide you on how to create the bootable USB drive for CentOS/RHEL. This will useful when a computers do not have optical drives (CD/DVD). There are several way to create bootable USB for CentOS/RHEL installation disk. My favourite software for this purpose is ISO2USB. ISO2USB is a opensource software that enable us to create bootable USB drives easily with a few steps only. The current version can runs on Windows XP/Vista platform. You can test it on windows 7 as well.

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1. Download the software here
2. After download just double click the iso2usb software.
3. Select Disk Image of ISO.
4. Select the correct USB drive letter.
5. Click OK


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  • Avatar Dk says:

    When I added CentOS-6.5-x86_64-bin-DVD1.iso it showed ‘ISO file is too big’.. How can I solve it?

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