How to Install Webmin 1.720 on CentOS 6/RHEL 6

Webmin is a web-based free software that is created for the administration of the system for linux and unix . It is managed through the graphical web interface that is very user friendly and suitable for beginners who are less familiar with linux command line utility. However, a recent version can also be installed and running on the Windows operating system. Webmin can be managed using a modern web browser like google chrome, mozilla firefox and internet explorer. If you are a website operator or system administrator of the virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server, it is appropriate to use webmin as a platform to manage the system, it will make your life easier.

With webmin, system administrators can perform system administration and configuration task of such a setup user accounts, Apache configuration, DNS management, MySQL database administration, file sharing administration and more. As a reference, I have document the steps of how to setup Webmin 1.720 on CentOS 6/RHEL 6 using source instalation.

1. Download Webmin :

[root@centos66 ~]# wget

2. Create /software and extract webmin from where it was downloaded :

[root@centos66 ~]# mkdir -p /software
[root@centos66 ~]# tar xzvf webmin-1.720.tar.gz
[root@centos66 ~]# cd webmin-1.720

3. Run script :

[root@centos66 webmin-1.720]# ./ /software/webmin

Example :

[root@centos66 webmin-1.720]# ./ /software/webmin

When the script is run, it will ask the following questions :
The Webmin configuration directory
The directory in which all Webmin configuration information is stored. This is now separate from the Webmin install directory, so that configurations are saved when you upgrade. 
If you have previously installed Webmin and use the same config directory, this will be the only question asked.
The Webmin log directory
The location for pid and webserver log files.
The full path to perl on your system
This is usually /usr/bin/perl or /usr/local/bin/perl
Your Operating system type
In Webmin versions 0.990 and above, this question is only asked if your operating system cannot be automatically determined.
The setup script will display a list of supported systems. If your OS is not on the list, you can try choosing the closest match. However this may not work properly, and may even cause serious problems!
Web server port
The TCP port that the Webmin web server will listen on.
Web server login and password
The login name and password used to acess the Webmin web server.
Web server hostname
The hostname of the machine on which Webmin will run.
This question will only be asked if your system has the Perl SSL libraries installed. See below for more..
Start Webmin at boot time
If your OS is supported, Webmin will ask if you want to have it automatically started at boot time.
Assuming you answer all the above questions correctly, the Webmin web server will be started and the setup script will give you the URL to go to. Enter this URL into your browser, and you will be prompted for the login and password that you choose in Once you have logged in your browser should show the main Webmin page, on which is an icon for each module you have installed.
Typically you can connect to Webmin at http://localhost:10000/. Or if accessing it remotely, replace localhost with your system's IP address.
[root@centos66 webmin-1.720]# ./ /software/webmin
*            Welcome to the Webmin setup script, version 1.720        *
Webmin is a web-based interface that allows Unix-like operating
systems and common Unix services to be easily administered.

Installing Webmin from /root/webmin-1.720 to /software/webmin ...

Webmin uses separate directories for configuration files and log files.
Unless you want to run multiple versions of Webmin at the same time
you can just accept the defaults.

Config file directory [/etc/webmin]:
Log file directory [/var/webmin]:

Webmin is written entirely in Perl. Please enter the full path to the
Perl 5 interpreter on your system.

Full path to perl (default /usr/bin/perl):

Testing Perl ...
Perl seems to be installed ok

Operating system name:    CentOS Linux
Operating system version: 6.6

Webmin uses its own password protected web server to provide access
to the administration programs. The setup script needs to know :
 - What port to run the web server on. There must not be another
   web server already using this port.
 - The login name required to access the web server.
 - The password required to access the web server.
 - If the webserver should use SSL (if your system supports it).
 - Whether to start webmin at boot time.

Web server port (default 10000):
Login name (default admin):
Login password:
Password again:
The Perl SSLeay library is not installed. SSL not available.
Start Webmin at boot time (y/n): y
Copying files to /software/webmin ..

Creating web server config files..

Creating access control file..

Inserting path to perl into scripts..

Creating start and stop scripts..

Copying config files..

Configuring Webmin to start at boot time..

Creating uninstall script /etc/webmin/ ..

Changing ownership and permissions ..

Running postinstall scripts ..
Subroutine setup_ca redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 77.
Subroutine install_webmin_module redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 127.
Subroutine grant_user_module redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 439.
Subroutine delete_webmin_module redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 480.
Subroutine file_basename redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 589.
Subroutine gnupg_setup redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 603.
Subroutine list_standard_modules redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 631.
Subroutine standard_chooser_button redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 663.
Subroutine list_third_modules redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 676.
Subroutine third_chooser_button redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 708.
Subroutine get_webmin_base_version redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 719.
Subroutine base_version redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 729.
Subroutine get_newmodule_users redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 740.
Subroutine save_newmodule_users redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 762.
Subroutine get_miniserv_sockets redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 786.
Subroutine fetch_updates redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 834.
Subroutine check_update_signature redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 901.
Subroutine find_cron_job redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 932.
Subroutine get_ipkeys redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 944.
Subroutine save_ipkeys redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 965.
Subroutine validate_key_cert redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 997.
Subroutine detect_operating_system redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1018.
Subroutine show_webmin_notifications redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1053.
Subroutine get_webmin_notifications redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1069.
Subroutine get_system_uptime redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1271.
Subroutine list_operating_systems redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1318.
Subroutine shared_root_directory redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1343.
Subroutine submit_os_info redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1380.
Subroutine get_webmin_id redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1408.
Subroutine ip_match redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1424.
Subroutine prefix_to_mask redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1519.
Subroutine valid_allow redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1533.
Subroutine get_preloads redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1591.
Subroutine save_preloads redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1603.
Subroutine get_tempdirs redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1614.
Subroutine save_tempdirs redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1631.
Subroutine get_module_install_type redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1650.
Subroutine get_install_type redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1667.
Subroutine list_cached_files redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1697.
Subroutine show_restart_page redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1716.
Subroutine cert_info redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1734.
Subroutine cert_pem_data redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1775.
Subroutine cert_pkcs12_data redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1790.
Subroutine get_blocked_users_hosts redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1816.
Subroutine show_ssl_key_form redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1844.
Subroutine parse_ssl_key_form redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1888.
Subroutine parse_ssl_csr_form redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 1961.
Subroutine build_installed_modules redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2035.
Subroutine get_latest_webmin_version redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2077.
Subroutine filter_updates redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2110.
Subroutine get_clone_source redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2152.
Subroutine retry_http_download redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2168.
Subroutine list_twofactor_providers redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2199.
Subroutine show_twofactor_apikey_authy redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2209.
Subroutine validate_twofactor_apikey_authy redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2221.
Subroutine show_twofactor_form_authy redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2246.
Subroutine parse_twofactor_form_authy redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2262.
Subroutine enroll_twofactor_authy redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2277.
Subroutine validate_twofactor_authy redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2308.
Subroutine validate_twofactor_apikey_totp redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2354.
Subroutine show_twofactor_form_totp redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2368.
Subroutine parse_twofactor_form_totp redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2382.
Subroutine generate_base32_secret redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2398.
Subroutine enroll_twofactor_totp redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2412.
Subroutine message_twofactor_totp redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2421.
Subroutine validate_twofactor_totp redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2435.
Subroutine canonicalize_ip6 redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 2457.
Subroutine list_keys redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 23.
Subroutine list_keys_sorted redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 74.
Subroutine list_secret_keys redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 82.
Subroutine key_fingerprint redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 88.
Subroutine get_passphrase redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 105.
Subroutine put_passphrase redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 116.
Subroutine encrypt_data redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 128.
Subroutine decrypt_data redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 167.
Subroutine sign_data redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 224.
Subroutine verify_data redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 283.
Subroutine read_entire_file redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 327.
Subroutine write_entire_file redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 339.
Subroutine get_trust_level redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 349.
Subroutine delete_key redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 371.
Subroutine default_email_address redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 398.
Subroutine fetch_gpg_key redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 415.
Subroutine search_gpg_keys redefined at /software/webmin/webmin/ line 442.
Use of uninitialized value in -r at /software/webmin/webalizer/ line 16.

Enabling background status collection ..

Attempting to start Webmin mini web server..
Starting Webmin server in /software/webmin
Pre-loaded WebminCore

Webmin has been installed and started successfully. Use your web
browser to go to


and login with the name and password you entered previously.

4. Access webmin via http://centos66.ehowstuff.local:10000/ or http://IP-Address:10000/ :


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