How to Fix “/svnserver/svn/testrepo/db/txn-current-lock’: Permission denied”

Question :
When using TortoiseSVN and ssh command line to access svn server, i still can’t commit the file, can’t create the folder, can’t write the source code and always returned me this error message :

'/svnserver/svn/testrepo/db/txn-current-lock': Permission denied

Solution :
This is a common problem on subversion. A lot or developers and programmers who use subversion facing this kind or error. This is about the permissions issues. To solve it, make sure that the apache user has read/write access to your entire “testrepo” repository. To do that, chown -R apache:apache as below :

[root@svnserver ~]# chown -R apache:apache testrepo

2 comments on “How to Fix “/svnserver/svn/testrepo/db/txn-current-lock’: Permission denied”

  • Thyago Weber

    That was the only fix that actually worked to me. Thanks a lot.

  • Tambakoly

    This issue may be linked with SELinux.
    The SELINUX boolean value to make SVN write through webdav work is:
    setsebool -P httpd_unified=1

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