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Search engine optimization and marketing

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Making Search Engine Traffic a Priority

Most online marketing approaches are risky and unfortunately, many of them will not result in the increased website traffic you desire.  Today’s internet marketing firms will try to sell you…

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Nine Must-Have SEO Tools

Keyword implementation, optimal page design, link building and other SEO aspects can result in a lot of hard work.  Thankfully, there are many tools available to help you simplify the…

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Leveraging the Press Release as an SEO Tool

A large number of webmasters and site promoters neglect to implement press releases into their SEO campaigns.  This is primarily because most associate them with some sort of news related…

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Top Five Reasons In-House SEM Programs Fail

With the growing prevalence of search engine marketing, several organizations are electing to run their SEM programs in-house instead of outsourcing to a professional firm.  While there are numerous tools…

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Yahoo Maintains its Competitive Spirit

Last month, Microsoft and Yahoo finally struck a deal that will make these two internet super-powers a worthy competitor to Google.  However, it isn’t necessarily what Microsoft had hoped for. …

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Google Launches Homepage Enhancements

Search engine giant Google, recently launched a new set of tools and gadgets designed to help all iGoogle users in the United States leverage the OpenSocial API platform for social…

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Incorporating SEM and SMM into Your Marketing Campaign

Webmasters are increasingly integrating SMM (social media marketing) right alongside their SEM campaigns.  This has become a very feasible practice due to the prevalence of next generation web technologies and…

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Avoid These Five SEO Mistakes

Though it is often described as one big process, good search engine optimization involves a number of different steps.  The intricacies of these steps is what leads many website owners…