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cPanel Announces Sponsor for Conference

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cPanel recently announced that Riazul Premium Tequila will be their primary sponsor at the 5th annual cPanel conference in 2010. cPanel is an industry leader in control panel and web hosting automation software. This will be an interesting and exciting conference due to the differences in companies.

Adding a Twist

cPanel was looking to add a twist to their conference this year and it looks as if they have found it. Riazul Premium Tequila is a fairly new beverage company based out of Jalisco, Mexico and imported through a company in Houston, Texas. Riazul makes flavorful tequila but the company culture is what cause cPanel’s eye. The buzz around town about their alcoholic beverage has caused a great deal of excitement.

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The Conference

One of the aspects Riazul Tequila will be focusing on is their amazing story of success in a competitive industry. This will create a conference full of surprises with each company bringing something different and unique for the viewing pleasure of the attendees. The collaborators are looking to bring the elements of fun while educating the audience.

Riazul will feature an exhibit where the guests can learn about the taste of the tequila, the history of the company, their product line and a few surprises that can’t be revealed. cPanel has always tried to defy reality at these conferences. For instance, cPanel created, “Unleash Your Inner Geek,” at one conference and it was rated the best event ever in HostingCon history.

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Another aspect of the conference will be the cPanel/SoftLayer Mystery Event. Nobody outside these companies is aware of what this is, but the cPanel organizes will unveil the official name at the conference.

The cPanel Guarantee

Like their software, this conference will be nothing short of amazing; the team guarantees it. The educational experience to attendees mixed with some over-the-top, ridiculous events will not only create a great deal of fun and excitement, but will also create some excellent networking opportunities. Riazul’s motto is “flow freely” which is exactly their plan at this conference.

The mix of a software development company and a tequila production company is an ingenious idea. Two opposites working side-by-side to create one of the most exciting conferences ever. Those in attendance will be razzled and dazzled by the numerous exhibitors while still being educated on various topics. This conference will surely be one for the record books.


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