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Creating a Website in Niche Marketplaces

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In many instances selling products and services on your website is not enough to keep the company growing and expanding. Selling your products and services in a brick-and-mortar location and from a booth at expos, designer shows and other networking events can be an excellent method of increasing brand awareness while increasing company profits.

Unfortunately, these events are often limited to a specific geographic location unlike website marketplaces that are open to those with an internet connection. Retailers have the ability to setup at one of dozens of niche marketplaces such as:

  • Etsy
  • Wigix
  • Bonanza

Owners also have the option of creating a store at mainstream marketplaces like:

  • eBay
  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Sears Marketplace
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Each of these digital bazaars caters to a specific niche of product. Those that have a store in one of these internet locations can expose their brand to millions of customers who may not have otherwise heard of your store. These marketplaces are also an excellent place to sell older products that are out of season, no longer trendy or simple consuming space in your inventory. By selling these wares at a discounted price you get earn some revenue and increase brand awareness.

Many of these online marketplaces have some type of fee such as monthly account fees, listing fees or a small commission from each sale. The amount and method taken varies between marketplaces. Prior to listing products or services it is wise to find the location with the lowest fee and highest traffic.

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Websites like eCrater are considered niche marketplaces but offer a wide variety of online products. Sellers on the site list new and pre-owned products in almost any category you can think of. eCrater is a free internet marketplace for buyers and sellers. There are no listing fees, monthly fees or commissions taken from each sale. The site makes its money from those purchasing a premium listing in the marketplace which places them at the top of the list in that category.

Online marketplaces are excellent mediums for buying and selling difficult to find items as well as increasing your web presence and improving brand awareness. Some marketplaces will expose your products to a greater number of customers due to the amount of traffic. When looking to sell your products, online marketplaces are one of the best options available online and should be utilized to their full potential.


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