eCommerce Shop for Specialized Web Hosting

Namesco, a web hosting provider, recently announced the addition of a specialized eCommerce mini-website to their main site. The mini-site will provide the latest Linux-based web hosting for professional organizations as well as online retailers.  The company is one of the United Kingdom’s top new domain name registrars.

Mini-eCommerce Website

The launch of this mini-site is a direct response to the growing demand for online business services as a result of the growing profile of in the web hosting marketplace. The goal of the mini-site is to provide clients with all aspects of hosting necessary to successfully create and maintain an online retail shop. This includes several applications and tools which will significantly improve eCommerce websites.

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eCommerce Hosting Features

The most common features of the hosting include, 100’s of 1-click installations such as WordPress and the option to integrate eBay, Google shopping and Facebook onto a website. The release of this new site clearly has an eye set on global expansions and entrance into mass markets for which most online retailers now target.

Offering Online Payment Solutions

Namesco has also partnered with HSBC Bank and PayPal so customers can offer secure online payments with maximum security and reliability when purchases are being made. PayPal is a leading online payment solution provider that delivers quick, reliable service.

Innovation, Flexibility and Affordability

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In its short existence, Namesco has developed a reputation of being an innovative, flexible and affordable web hosting provider. As a result, the eCommerce Shop web hosting package is available in a variety of plans to accommodate websites of varying traffic as well as startup businesses.

Namesco Company Information

As the fourth largest domain name and web hosting provider in the United Kingdom, specializes in providing the highest quality domains, web hosting packages, email plans, dedicated servers, website building resources and much more. Namesco currently serves more than 1.6 million domains that are registered across 250 extensions.

The company caters to 450,000 clients per month. To be successful, Namesco leverages its expertise across and was founded in 1996 and in 1997. The two merge in the year 2000.

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As a result of its innovation, Namesco continues to be one of the top providers in the world. With the launch of the mini-eCommerce website, the company is sure to draw a variety of new and veteran shop owners as clients.

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  • webhosting prince

    Most of the websites are either in CMS or e-commerce. Hardly see static websites. For hosting an e-commerce site, i would strongly recommend to go for VPS/Dedicated server rather going for entry level shared hosting. Do backup your data frequent too.

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