Ecommerce Tutorials from Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet recently published their first online ecommerce guide on their website. This is the first of many video tutorials to come. These manuals are targeted for those clients and users to understand the inner-workings of Allied Wallet and methods of easily accepting credit cards. The first video highlights the primary differences between their two payment systems: Business Pro and QuickPay.

The QuickPay Solution

The QuickPay solution targets the smaller to medium size business clients searching for a simple system to accept credit cards online. The QuickPay interface makes the integration of an online retailer’s website to the Allied Wallet payment system easy with only a tiny amount of programming required.

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The Business Pro Solution

The Business Pro solution is geared toward larger organizations in search of a seamless checkout process. During the QuickPay checkout procedure, the client is transferred to an Allied Wallet payment page and redirected back to the online retailer’s website upon completion of the transaction. On the other hand, with the Business Pro version, the customer remains on the retailer’s website where all payment processing is performed by Allied Wallet in the background.

Instant Credit Card Processing

Furthermore, these two services allow online retailers to instantly accept a credit card from any location across the globe at any time. Also with ACH processing, online paperless checks can be processed to save on business expenses and ease implementation. Additionally, ACH processing allows for debit, credit and recurring credit payments based on a predetermined increment.

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Video Tutorial Series

The upcoming video tutorial series will help users find exciting new uses of Allied Wallet’s payment gateway. The tutorial series is applicable to both the QuickPay and Business Pro versions. With so many uses and other functions, these two payment software tools will assist in many other areas of ecommerce. These videos intend to present these functions that most users are not aware of.

About Allied Wallet

As an internationally-based merchant services provider, Allied Wallet specializes in ewallet services, online payment solutions and ACH processing. The release of these new tutorials is sure to drive many more customers to the software solutions once they see the power of the payment gateway.

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With so many additional features besides payment processing, QuickPay and Business Pro are two of a kind and should be reviewed by every online retailer in the industry. Based on the number of features, it appears as if this could be the solution for you. Stop by the Allied Wallet website to view the video tutorials for more information.

2 comments on “Ecommerce Tutorials from Allied Wallet

  • Marcus Bradley

    We have some clients that are considered “high risk” ecommerce businesses that have had issues with hold back accounts. Your hold back limit depends on the business owners and the businesses credit. It may also depend on the type of industry you are in and the products you are selling.

    Matt if you are still having problems, I have referred several of my ecommerce clients to


  • Martin Hellier

    I’m currently looking to take legal action against Allied Wallet / GT Bill if they don’t pay up on the 6 month’s held back fees they are holding. They claim they are ‘having problems’ with their bank. – Just a cautionary note that’s all. I will keep everyone on here updated as to the outcome.

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