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Hosting Multiple eCommerce Domains

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Running just one online business can be a hassle, as there are many administrative tasks that need to be dealt with on a daily basis. When you try to add several more businesses on top of that, things can become disorganized quickly and it is easy to get disheartened when things do not go your way in the beginning. Nonetheless, it would be foolish not to expand your business by diversifying your revenue streams with multiple websites. Therefore it is almost imperative to host multiple eCommerce domains if you are trying to steadily progress in the world of online business.

One Business vs Multiple Businesses

Of course, you could concentrate on building one business only, but just imagine how many opportunities you are letting go by taking this approach! Focusing on one business endeavor will never be as profitable as focusing on two, or three, and in the online business world, having a business means having a website for that business. While it is most definitely the the preferable course of action, hosting multiple eCommerce websites is not always an easy task, and there some things you’ll need to know to minimize the difficulties you’ll encounter.

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Choosing a Hosting Plan

Perhaps the most important aspect of building and managing a website would be your hosting account. Your hosting account is what will show your site to the world, and it is also what lets you control every aspect of your site through an administrative interface in your control panel. Since your hosting account will come preloaded with many of the tools that will let you manage your site, you’ll need to know what these tools are, and you’ll need to know how to pick the best ones. One of the most important tools you’ll be using is the control panel, so make sure you choose an eCommerce hosting plan that includes a simple control panel like cPanel.

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SSL Certificates

Another extremely important aspect of running several online websites, is the SSL certificate. SSL(Secure Socket Layer) protocol is a secure data transfer protocol that is used to ensure the confidentiality of data sent from one computer to another. The SSL certificate is posted on your site to let your customers know that their financial data is safe when shopping with you. Without this certificate you will lose the trust of many potential customers, as many of them will elsewhere thinking your site is not secure. If you’re going to have many eCommerce sites, often defined as more than ten, then you may want to consider purchasing a wild card SSL certificate which can be used on all of your websites.

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Multiple Hosting Accounts

Keeping your site’s performance optimal is also very important, as many people will not shop on a site that has pages that are slow to load. This means you’ll need adequate server resources for each of your sites. Don’t be fooled by the hosting plans that claim to offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, as this is often not the case. It may be wise to have multiple hosting accounts (one for each website), since you may be using plenty of server resources for each site.


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