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How to Find the Cheapest Domain Names

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Purchasing domain names becomes an everyday task for the busy online entrepreneur, whose ultimate goal is to continually expand their network of websites and raise their overall monthly residual income. In a sense, domain speculation and registration is a science of sorts, requiring industry knowledge, persistence, patience, and dedication. Although most of the attractive .com,.org, and .net domains have been purchased, it is still possible to obtain valuable domains using the right techniques. However, if your goal is to increase the overall number of websites, rather than find particular domains that are high in value, you may want to consider the following information about finding the cheapest domain names.

Signing up for Domain Reseller Clubs

One of the best ways to get an extremely low price on each domain name when buying in bulk is enrolling in a domain reseller club, which provides access to wholesale prices that are unparalleled in the domain registration industry. As a webmaster and online entrepreneur, an intense focus should be placed on saving money in every possible way. Being that domain name registration quickly becomes a routine investment for a online business owner, it is important to get the lowest price possible for bulk domain registration. If you know the minimum amount of domains that you will be purchasing within a single month on average, then you can easily sign up for a domain reseller plan that will be profitable and ideal for your situation. Domain reseller clubs sometimes charge sign-up fees, so it is important to decide whether or not these fees will negate the cost-saving benefits of receiving each domain at the lowest price possible.

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Purchasing Cheap TLDs

The abbreviation TLD, or top-level domain, is simply a term used to describe a domain name extension, or the letters that follow the dot after the main domain name. For example, in the website, the TLD is “.com”. Although the registration cost for each type of TLD will vary depending on the domain registrar, overall there are some TLDs are cheaper than others. The .info,.biz,.me,.tv, and .cc TLDs are particularly known for being cheaper alternatives to the main TLD such as .com,.org,.net. Surprisingly, .info domains have the potential to rank just as highly in the search engines as a the aforementioned conventional TLDs. A .info domain can be registered for as little as $0.79 per year, however the average yearly cost of registration for a. info domain is about one dollar.

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Comparing Domain Registrars

Another way to gain access to the cheapest domain names is by comparing various domain registrars and their prices. Although the majority of domain registrars offer domain name registration services at similar prices, there are some that are much more affordable than others. For example, one domain registrar may offer .com domains for $10 per year of registration, while another may offer .com domains for $6- $7 per year of registration. Look for a domain registrar that will provide discounts and free domains when you purchase domain TLD’s of the same domain at once.


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    Yahoo! still offers one of the cheapest domain registrations on the web. The price that most people are familiar with at Yahoo! for domain registration is $9.95. However if you do a Google search for the cheapest domain, you will find Yahoo! offering a $2.99 domain registration. You will get this special deal by clicking your way from the search engine results to the Yahoo! site where a 70 per cent discount is offered for the first year.

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