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Introducing MODx CMS – The Ultimate in Flexibility and Compatibility

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MODx is becoming incredibly popular as more webmasters are learning of its extensive capabilities as a robust content management system. In fact, to call it a “content” management system would be an understatement, seeing as it is more of a complete site management utility. Many of its regular users praise MODx as being the future of content management systems, ushering in an age of open source PHP based CMS that are compatible with nearly all third-party programming platforms. In other words, this CMS is perfect for any developer and any site owner, regardless of your experience level or skill set. If you;re interested in learning more about MODx, you may want consider the following information.

MODx’s Unique Advantages

The main advantage of MODx is its compatibility with various programming platforms, which makes it an ideal solution for all developers, both novice and professional. MODx is one of the few CMS that is compatible with the AJAX programming language, which gives site owners the ability to design incredibly interactive pages that return information and adapt instantly based on the visitor’s actions. MODx also has native SEO features that give you an instant edge on the competition when trying to rank highly for keywords in your niche. MODx bares its name because it can be modified very easily by anyone with a basic programming background and the willingness to learn the simple syntax of the software. In fact, there are no notable limitations or restrictions to beware of when using MODx as a development platform.

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The Rising Popularity of MODx

Aside from its aforementioned flexibility and capabilities, the rising popularity of MODx is largely attributed to the size and dedicated of the pre-existing user community. This forum of developers and webmasters are devoted to teaching each other how to get the most out of the MODx CMS, and are constantly contributing new developments that improve the functionality of the software. Having a thriving user community to provide support is extremely important when using an open source software for the first time., especially if you’re not technically experienced. As more people become interested in MODx, the effect will compound exponentially, and within the next couple of years the software is expected to cross boundaries that no other CMS has done before.

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The Future of MODx

The future looks bright for MODx, especially considering the developments of the latest releases, which have yielded promising results. The next release is expected to significantly enhance the API and bring even more features and overall flexibility to an already robust CMS. At the moment, WordPress is the only CMS spoken of by a large majority of webmasters. However, that is destined to change judging by the determination and persistence of the MODx development group and its experienced users. MODx has the advantages of building upon everything WordPress has done so far, and the only thing left to accomplish in order to compete with WordPress is the building of an extensive plugin library (although some would argue that the software does not need many plugins and that is why it is better than WordPress for advanced developers and webmasters).


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