SuperGreen: The Leading Eco-Friendly Web Host

As our world becomes further enriched with technological advances, more companies are working towards “going green” and lessening the impact of their companies carbon footprint. You may find it surprising that even the web hosting industry is making changes to improve the environment. One such company, SuperGreen hosting, is currently the only web hosting service in the industry that has taken the initiative to implement major changes with a centered focus on preserving the environment and eliminating carbon residue and operating energy efficient servers.

SuperGreen web hosting now leads the industry being completely carbon neutral, which leaves no harmful impacts on the environment as all offices, servers, and datacenters are powered solely by solar or wind energy.  The web host was established in the United Kingdom, however, the service provider has since launched offices throughout the United States.  While many companies are desperately trying to incorporate environmental-friendly policies, SuperGreen has always focused on protecting the environment since the company’s conception.

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Hosting Features

While the company’s commitment to the environment is deserving of its own accolades, SuperGreen offers a variety of services to meet any hosting needs, regardless of size. The web hosting service’s plan includes features such as unlimited hosting space, bandwidth, and e-mail addresses, lifetime domain, templates, website builder and  e-commerce tools, excellent customer support and  quick and easy setup.

SuperGreen uses the industry favorite and leading cPanel for users to manage the daily operations of controlling a website. The control panel allows you to manage the essential components of your account, allowing for quick and easy installation of scripts and other useful applications.  Even novice users will find configuring e-mail, site statistics and script implementation an easy task using the cPanel software. Additionally, the web host offers numerous add-ons for popular content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla.

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SuperGreen offers a anytime money back guarantee to clients as well a promise of 99.9% uptime.  SuperGreen also takes pride in providing accesses to servers around the clock, 365 days a year.  Furthermore, the web host company provides excellent customer service representatives available 24/7 to help with troubleshooting issues, via phone, e-mail or online chat.


With all these features, SuperGreen offers the above plan for a very reasonable fee of $6.95 per month.  In addition, the web host service has an on-going promotion for $3.95 per month. Although the price of SuperGreen’s services may lead some to believe it’s too good to be true, however, satisfied clients can testify to access of the features and applications that are included in the plan.

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SuperGreen is able to pass on savings by operating with its self-produced energy processes.   The web host provider is a favorite among many, not only because of very affordable prices, but also in taking great strides to protect the environment. The number of features provided, combined with the environmental-friendly efforts, truly makes it a worth-while investment!

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