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When to Cancel a Web Hosting Plan

Choosing the right hosting plan is difficult enough when you don’t have to factor in an endless sea of choices and the possibility of receiving terrible service from the hosting…

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Critical Factors for Choosing a Web Host

Today’s global economy demands a web presence in order to be considered a formidable competitor.  For small and mid-size companies, navigating web hosting services is often a daunting task, occasionally…

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What to Look for in Web Hosting Support

It does not matter whether you lease a dedicated server or a typical web hosting plan, having a solution that comes equipped with excellent support is an absolute must. From…

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Three Methods for Better Customer Relations

Any online business owner understands the importance and complexities of customer support.  The process of fielding customer inquires, getting a staff member to follow through on them and making sure…

customer support

Improving Customer Relations with Live Chat Support

It is important to have every edge you can over the competition in today’s highly competitive business environment. Internet technologies have matured and because of this, online shoppers have come…