New QR Code, NFC and Augmented Reality Innovative Ideas

QR codes, NFC and Augmented Reality (AR) have come a long way from their intended use thanks to the imagination and innovation of the people who use them. They have blazed trails on the web that is a boon to everyone who leans heavily on the internet, social media and promoting their business via digital […]

Mobile Sites and SMS Marketing: Are You Ready?

Ninety-eight percent of cell phone owners have their devices within reach one hundred percent of the time. The other two percent are my kids who always misplace them. Smartphones contain everything a laptop or desktop computer has and fits in your pocket or handbag (or MAN-bag, if you prefer). An odd fact is that your […]

Will NFC Communication Make QR Codes Obsolete?

The world is starting to go nuts over QR codes. They are on packaging, posters, web sites, business cards and, well, just about everything. A quick scan using a free phone app and you are taken to a special site, view a video, get further information or register for more information to be sent to […]

iTech Review: eCoupler, T-Ink, Cereal Killer, Life in 2014, the “Dew” Doesn’t!

The great thing about technology is there will always be news about innovations and wacky mistakes that make you wonder if smart phones are smarter than their owners. Some of the news makes you wonder if we’ve surpassed the technology we saw in the Jetsons cartoons and other bits and pieces, no matter how amazing, […]