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Trending Tweets You May Have Missed

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Speider Schneider
Speider Schneider
Web Hosting Geek

We scour Twitter for interesting tweets, so you don’t have to!

Digital Paper?

Sony has released a new tablet that works like paper on a 13.3-inch screen. Digital Paper allows users to draw on the screen using a special stylus, from doodles to handwritten notes to anything you can imagine.


59 Brilliant WordPress Tutorials

The title says it all. Keep up with WordPress updates and ways to work with them for a “WOW! factor” site.


Awkward Facebook Posts

Yes, they are and we must keep up the fight to remove them from cyberspace forever!


CleverStack Web Development

“Our aim with CleverStack is to provide the development community with a lean starting point for AngularJS and NodeJS powered web applications. We like to use leading cutting edge technologies to allow for a very automated development workflow. We utilize technologies such as Grunt, Node/NPM & Bower (and many more) to provide rich features out of the box and take care of all the complex configurations for you!”

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Heineken’s Future Bottle via QR Code

QR codes aren’t dead? Imagine some marketing experts being wrong.


Flickr’s New site

Looks great and no complaints about functions… so far.


Realmac Optimizing Performance

Worth reading guide to Optimizing Photoshop performance.


Good Form But Bad Fields

Could marking fields as required actually keep users from filling out your form? It is a possibility, according to a report by UX Movement.


12 Little-Known CSS Facts

“CSS is not an overly complex language. But even if you’ve been writing CSS for many years, you probably still come across new things — properties you’ve never used, values you’ve never considered, or specification details you never knew about.”

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Typography is a Practice

“Whether you’re a novice or an expert in any medium, good decisions take practice — and great ones stand on a solid foundation. Typekit Practice is a collection of resources and a place to try things, hone your skills, and stay sharp. Everyone can practice typography.”


35 Habits of the Most Productive People

It’s not the usual thing posting around Facebook — this one has an infographic!



The New Asian trailer for Godzilla… because we know you LOVE IT!

Official extended trailer –

CSS Tricks

There can never be enough articles about CSS tricks and tips!


Angry Birds Has “Chirpies”?

Angry Birds-Maker Rovio Has A Slower Year With Revenues Flat, Profits Down By About Half. It happens with fads. Save some money, next time!

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Is There Such a Thing as a Sonic QR Code?

A unique use of QR codes and marketing!


Google Knows Where You Parked

Face it… we all need this but won’t admit it. Just take our money, Google!


Flame Painter 3

Wee! This Photoshop-like software application is unbelievable!

Selfies for Business?

Sometimes you have to play to the trend!


Would You Have an Idiot for Your  Spokesperson?

So many companies do! Do organizations need to rethink who speaks on their behalf?


The Truth Hurts

People have no attention span. Deal with it or die, I suppose.


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