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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ensim

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Control panel software is a main fixture in today’s web hosting packages. These programs are very important as they give you the ability to manage the essential features of your account from adding domains and creating emails accounts to setting up FTP accounts and performing web-based backups. While cPanel is efficient and rightfully the leading the control panel software, this program is platform specific and can only be used in certain environments.

Ensim is one control panel available for Windows and Linux platforms. This powerful software is able to cover a wide range of hosting needs from reseller and dedicated server accounts to providing solutions for small businesses and large enterprises. Although Ensim does offer benefits over popular applications such as cPanel and Plesk, it does have a few drawbacks as well.

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The Ensim control panel gives you a well designed professional interface. There are separate sections dedicated to various components for managing your hosting account. Although most of the essential features are made accessible on the screen, they are integrated nicely and serve as more than eye candy.

Unlike many control panels, Ensim supports a wide range of operating systems including Web and Standard versions of Windows along with Linux-based systems such as Fedora and RedHat.

Additionally, Ensim offers the same interface for all levels of control. This enables familiarity for anyone that needs to use a control panel with a combination of root, reseller, end-user and mail user capabilities.

The Ensim control panel is powered by in-house software and doesn’t rely on third-party solutions. One inclusion is Ensim Power Tools, a program that is comparative to the Fantastico script installer found on cPanel accounts. Another Ensim tool is the built-in spam filter that performs well with the pre-installed webmail utility. New versions also include comprehensive reporting tools for viewing critical resources and web stats.

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Despite its professional appearance, one of the biggest knocks on Ensim is that the interface is incredibly difficult to skin. You can however, incorporate logos for your brand with relative ease. In this regard, cPanel offers more extensive branding as Ensim has very few skins available.

Another disadvantage of Ensim is that it isn’t as widely installed as cPanel, a factor that presents challenges to the reseller. This could be a turn off to potential clients who are not aware of the software and its capabilities. Additionally, end-users may find the interface more difficult to navigate than the simple, yet user-friendly environment of cPanel. Despite its professional structure, the newer versions of Ensim appear to be more geared for the experienced webmaster. Fortunately, the software does offer tons of documentation to help you get more familiar with navigation and all the essentials.

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As you can see, Ensim does have minimal drawbacks along with a plethora of features that make it a solid choice for web hosting. The advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages as this control panel has the ability to do what others can’t. Whether you are looking to dabble with shared hosting or something more flexible such as a VPS, the Ensim software can provide the tools needed to effectively manage your business.


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